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Golden Nuggets: "We'll Be Prepared This Time Around"

Monty, PC, Amoke, Randle, and Boykin talked about the NCAA tournament during yesterday's press conference.  Here's a sample of what Boykin had to say.

On potential facing your old team at Duke

"I do still talk to some of the guys. One thing I really don't want to do is have that be the focus. The focus is Louisville. So just taking one game at a time, the focus is Louisville."

On Louisville beating Syracuse twice this season and Syracuse beating Cal

"Well, we didn't have Theo [Robertson] that game and Syracuse is very unique in that they play a zone, so we could have really used Theo that game but I feel very confident in the fact that we had a very tough preseason. We've played with Kansas, the number-one overall seed, and you know, we battled with them throughout the whole game. It was still a game with about four minutes to go, so we know what it looks like as far as playing the big-time teams and we're not intimidated. We're confident in our abilities and we're excited for the challenge."

On whether he was worried that Cal might not make the tournament

"Well we can't control what a lot of people are saying. We just feel very fortunate that we are in the tournament and at this point it's just about preparing as best we can. We want to represent the Pac-10 as best we can. I feel we're a strong conference and we hope that our team, along with Washington, can represent the Pac-10 the best as we can."

On creating a legacy at Cal

"Without question I feel like we've already built a legacy this year and it's sad but at the end of the day you're only as good as your last game. A lot of times you're remembered for how you finished. We want to make sure that we finish strong. Whether it's in a win or a loss, we played our hardest, we gave our best effort, we prepared the best, we had all the best intentions, we were focused, we executed on offense, we knew the game plan, we got the right amount of sleep, we recovered our bodies well. All the little things, all the big things, we want to make sure that we do this week from here on out so at the end of the day we will know, we will leave no doubt that we gave it everything we had. "

On last year's experience in the NCAA Tournament

"Last year, I know I definitely had some moments like, `Wow, we're in the NCAA Tournament.' We were so happy about that, but this year, that was the expectation all year long would be that we would play in the NCAA Tournament. Not that we took it for granted, but I feel that you have a different swagger to yourself when you know you're going to play all year. I think the experience of going there and maybe not playing up to our best, for whatever reason, whether it be jitters or adjusting to playing in a bigger dome, whatever it may be, we've seen it. We're a senior group. We know it. And we'll be prepared this time around."   

After the jump the seniors talk about a nerve-wracking selection day, Alexis Gray-Lawson leaves the hospital and heads back home, baseball puts up a fight against another highly ranked team, and more.


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