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Washington vs. Stanford: Pac-10 Semifinal Game Thread

3 seed Washington vs. 7 seed Stanford
When: 8:30 PST
Streams: Check Comments

Here's your game thread for the late Pac-10 tournament game. Watch not-Pac-10-player-of-the-year Quincy Pondexter and not-Pac-10-player-of-the-year Landry Fields go one-on-one to earn the chance to face Cal for an NCAA trip tomorrow.

Both conventional and unconventional wisdom dictate that Washington should cruise to victory. They beat Stanford by 17 and 33 in the regular season and held Landry Fields below 20 points both times. But everybody (me included) thought the Cardinal would fall easily to Arizona St., so who knows? Kenpom says UW will win by 9 with 79% chance of victory.

Most are assuming that a UW win would safely put them into the field of 65, but they'll still want to win against Cal tomorrow to stay on the safe side. And thank goodness Cal won, because I can relax and enjoy watching these two teams wear each other out before tomorrow's game. I'll be pulling for UW, but getting a chance to go 3-0 on Stanford is pretty enticing...