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Cal vs. Oregon: Pac-10 Tournament Game Thread

Time: 2:30 PM PST/5:30 PM EST
KFRC 1550 AMStreams: Check the comments

Oregon survived Washington St. last night after forcing overtime on a miraculous, buzzer-beating tip-in. That earned them the right to face Cal approximately 17 hours later. Hopefully Oregon will be tired after playing 45 minutes of intense basketball last night, but Oregon will be playing for their season and presumably for their coach as Ernie Kent enjoys what everybody is assuming will be his last hurrah.

In two previous matchups Cal beat the Ducks handily. In Berkeley Cal sprinted to a 27 point halftime lead and cruised to a blowout victory. In Oregon Cal shrugged off a sleepy first half to pull away for a lazy 15 point victory. I'll accept either outcome for today's game. Cal doesn't need to win the Pac-10 tournament, but it would be a real relief for all of us if they win this game to remove any sliver of doubt on Selection Sunday.

Welcome to March basketball, California. Comment away and Go Bears!