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Cal vs. Oregon Post Game Thread: Bears Roll Ducks One Last Time, Get Ready for Bruins

Jerome Randle didn't miss a shot in the first half (FG 8-8, 3Pt 4-4, FT 2-2, 0 PF, 22 Pts). It felt like Jamal Boykin didn't miss anything in the second half. Patrick Christopher was excellent throughout. Max Zhang returned and block partied it up. Nikola Knezevic made shots. Omondi Amoke dunked it up late. The second unit played most of the final ten minutes. That's about what we wanted in this three day tournament of exhaustion, right?

Who wants to beat UCLA one more time? I know I do.

Your five questions:

1.  Has anything you've seen in the first two games of the tournament changed your prediction about the eventual champion?

2.  Who is your player of the game, and why?

3.  What was the play of the game?

4.  The game was over when:

5.  Who wins when [Cal or Oregon] faces off against [UCLA or Arizona]?  Sorry, I wrote this the evening before the games!  Damn these games that happen during working hours!