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Interview with New California Golden Bear Chris Adcock

On February 3, 2009, offensive lineman Chris Adcock sent in his Letter Of Intent to enroll at Cal and play for the Golden Bears.  He played left tackle, deep snapper, and defensive tackle at the high school level.  My understanding is that they are looking for him to play Center eventually at Cal.  It looks like he has a lot of versatility and the intelligence to pick up several positions.  From his official website (linked above), check this out:

GPA-4.0, Ranked 1st in class. 

SAT= Verbal and Math =1420/1600, Math=760/800

Ok, those were better numbers than I had applying to Cal!  And I completely lack any athletic skill.  This guy is the total package!  And, to illustrate his intelligence, he agreed to do an interview with the California Golden Blogs.  After the jump, see his thoughts on why he chose Cal, who his friends on the team are, and his thoughts on becoming one of the newest Bears.  Many thanks to Chris Adcock for his time here!  Welcome aboard, Chris!  GO BEARS!

1) What originally interested you in Cal?  What was the biggest appeal you saw in coming to play for the Bears?

1) I originally contacted Cal because my dad went to UC Davis and had always kind of been a Cal fan and my mom is from Merced, CA. Because of that I have family through different parts of the state and had frequently visited California and had always been aware of the great education available at Cal. Because of all this Cal was on the short list of schools that I wanted to play for. The biggest appeal to come and play for the Bears was the education followed by a close second of big-time PAC-10 football.

2) What do you look for in a school?

2) In a school i was first looking for an education. My parents from the start have instilled in me the value of a good education and that is the first thing I wanted from a school. The second of course was great football. I set my goal to play D1 football once I started high school football and I made it happen. One of the deciding factors in a school was a place that I fit in and overall felt wanted as an asset to the team and the University. I found all of this and more at Cal!

3) How did the facilities at Cal affect your decision?

3) Facilities were not a deal breaker for me and my decision on a school, but I was impressed by the history behind Memorial Stadium and new facilities are never a bad thing. I'm looking forward to being one of the first classes to use the new Student-Athlete High Performance Center.

4) What were your feelings on the way Cal played this year?

4) Cal was my team this year. I felt like a part of the team and lived and died by their wins and losses. I felt the Stanford game was the highlight of the year. No one gave the Bears credit and they beat a great team at home no less!

5) Who was your host on the team, or the guy you've talked to the most? What's your relationship like?

5) My player host on my visit was RS Freshman Center Mark Brazinski. He represented the team and university very well. I've talked the most with Coach Steve Marshall both on the phone and through multiple visits here and in Berkeley. I've enjoyed getting to start a relationship with my future coach and I've been fortunate to get to know him in just about every aspect. I've met him here, there, I've seen him coach a practice and a spring game, and I'm looking forward to getting to play and learn the game under him and all the great coaches at Cal. 

6) Please share w/ the fans your fondest recruiting story.

6) My funniest story would be on my unofficial visit to Notre Dame. My family and I were in the Chicago area for a Northwestern Junior Day and decided to make a call to Southbend and try to get a visit arranged. Needless to say we scheduled a time with a coach and headed that way. What we didn't realize is that Southbend is in a different time zone than Chicago. The great part was we didn't even know until my mom got pulled over for speeding and we noticed the time on the ticket! We ended up being an hour late but still had a good campus tour. 

My best recruiting story was when I went on my Junior Day visit to Cal last April. It went very well and at the end of the day I walked away with my first scholarship offer. The funny side was that Coach Tedford was under the impression that I had already received many others at that point. Needless to say, he was as surprised as I was to receive my first offer when he realized the miscommunication.

7) Who do you believe is most responsible for your success?

7) I believe that my hard work and determination are responsible for my sucess in football, but I couldn't have done it without the help and motivation of my coaches, family, friends, and fans. My dad was very helpful in my recruiting process and my parents were always supportive of my goals and did everything they could to help me succeed. I also couldn't have made it without the examples set by my high school coaches. I've learned a lot over my 18 years and I am always striving to apply the lessons I've learned to my everyday life. 

8) What are you looking forward to the most being a Golden Bear?  Do you have any dreams or aspirations to accomplish during your student/athlete career at Cal?

8) I am looking forward to getting to play at the next level and playing in a big time bowl game with a chance at a national title every year. I want to see the Bears win a Rose Bowl during my stay at Cal, and I want to become the best player I can be fulfilling my potential and playing in the league if the opportunity arises. 

9)You attended both the US Army All-American and Football University Combine. Can you tell us more about your Combine experiences and how they helped you to become a better player?

9)The main thing I learned from my combine experience was improved pass blocking skills. Other things include honing a competitive edge while competing against some of the top players in the country, and learning to prepare and be confident for many different scenarios and circumstances that can arise at the different combines. 

10) How do you think your skills will develop at the next level fighting in the trenches for the Golden Bears?

10) I believe that my skills will improve tremendously while playing for the Bears. I have full confidence in the coaching staff at Cal and what they teach. I hope to improve all aspects of my game and become the best player that I can be. I'm going there with the attitude to get better everyday and motivate the team to be better as well. I can't wait to head out to Berkeley in July and start the next stage in my life as a California Golden Bear.

Again, many thanks to Chris Adcock, good luck at Cal, and GO BEARS!!