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Cal-UCLA Postgame Thread: Bears Wreck Bruins in Pauley

To discuss what appears to be the ugliest women's basketball game ever, click here for the Cal-UCLA women's open thread.

Well, 2-2 was where most of thought this team would be on this road visit. It wasn't exactly ideal basketball after the ASU victory, but I guess if you get the opportunity to win in Pauley by double digits, you'll take it and run with it. Robertson, Christopher and Randle all brought the best of their games for the final 30 minutes, and the defensive intensity and ball movement were superb. We've finally gutted those little Bruins.

Five questions to ponder about this road trip:

1) Was it a successful road trip?

2) Which team will give us the most trouble the rest of the way?

3) Who played the best on this road trip? Who needs some work?

4) What are the key adjustments Mike Montgomery has to make down the stretch?

5) How much fun was it to FINALLY beat UCLA?