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Cal Football Signing Day 2010 Open Thread: Keenan Allen, Chris McCain, Zach Maynard, Gabe King Are Reportedly Golden Bears

9:09 AM PST: Adrian Lee and Terrence Montgomery submitted their LOIs officially (HT Ohio Bear). Gabe King has too, according to Jeremy Crabtree at Rivals (HT calbearjd). This might just wrap up all the big news of the day.

9:06 AM PST: Bjorn Werner to the Seminoles. Good luck wrecking the ACC. (HT CaliforniaEternal)

8:51 AM PST: Ego Ferguson committed to LSU. We wish him the best. (HT CaliforniaEternal)

8:40 AM PSTAllen and McCain are officially listed on! Welcome guys! (HT ryandrew)

8:24 AM PST: solarise and Ohio Bear send us news about Cecil Whiteside and Geoffrey Gibson

Another four NLI’s are in. Offensive lineman Geoffrey Gibson (7:49 a.m.), wide receiver Kaelin Clay (7:52), quarterback Austin Hinder (7:53) and linebacker Cecil Whiteside (8:01) are the newest Bears. Clay, Hinder and Whiteside are all prep All-Americans.

8:08 AM PST: Kaelin Clay and Austin Hinder submitted their LOIs. (HT MailmanJr35)

7:58 AM PST: Also a tidbit on J.R. Ego Ferguson's announcement from Farrell.

I think he announces at 11:45AM and last I heard Miami led over Cal but no one seems to have a good read on this one.

7:54 AM PST: Nice note about the outstanding job Tosh Lupoi has done from the Rivals chat by Jeremy Crabtree:

Well, I think the news with Allen might have sealed the deal for Tosh Lupoi as the recruiter of the year.

7:43 AM PST: Rivals had this on the National Signing Day frontpage.


7:40 AM PST: Tevin Carter sent in his LOI (HT Ohio Bear)

7:38 AM PST: Mike Farrell reports the following in the Rivals chat. (HT First and Ten)

OK, hearing that Keenan Allen, Chris McCain and Zach Maynard all announced for Cal a few minutes ago. Gabe King was delayed in DC on a plane so he will announce when he arrives, also to Cal.

7:29 AM PST: Coleman Edmond and Jacob Wark have also submitted their LOIs. (HT ACGiant97, dballisloose, MailmanJr35)

7:20 AM PST: David Wilkerson faxed in his LOI (HT atomsareenough)

7:18 AM PST: Lots of Tweets going around retweeting the original Allen report (Bleacher Report has totally jumped the gun and posted the "Allen to Cal" story), but I'm pretty sure Allen hasn't even announced yet. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL. Hold on.

7:03 AM PST: According to Justin Hokanson of JOX Recruiting (a Bama recruiitng radio show), Keenan Allen will sign with Cal. Will wait for an official confirmation.

6:39 AM PST: Chris Martin sent his LOI in, according to Rivals chat  (Now on the official site) (HT First and Ten)

6:33 AM PST: Keenan Allen, Gabe King, and Chris McCain's press conference in Greensboro was delayed by half an hour (UPDATE: Now an hour delay, due to weather that caused flight delays). Not exactly sure when the original presser was. (HT drub12)

5:54 AM PST: Chris Adcock's LOI is in. (HT drub12)

5:32 AM PST: Michael Coley & Nick Forbes sent in their LOIs. (HT Ohio Bear)

Recruiting maniacs, this is your day to shine. Signing day could be very eventful this year, with several top recruits still in play for the Bears.

You'll be able to track the official news and announcements at (click here to check it out). LOIs can officially be faxed in at 6 AM PST; Tedford is scheduled to have a live press conference around 2 PM PST.

We'll be updating this post with LOI signings as well as various Pac-10 recruiting news...any Cal-related news will be bolded. Latest updates will be on the front page, earlier updates will be after the jump. Submit any substantial links, Tweets or reports in the comments and we'll make sure to hat-tip you up top (note: please provide a link to official publications with proof of any news events that come your way. We won't update the post with unsubstantiated rumors.). If you don't want to comment but have news you want to share, email me at bearsnecessities at gmail and send me what you know.

Enjoy today, sit back, stare at your computer incessantly until you have severe headaches, and above all, welcome the new Bears!

carp brings you these updates:

Ego’s announcing at 5:45 AM I believe (8:45 in NYC) (H/T California Eternal)

McCain, King, and Allen are announcing together. I think this also means Maynard’s announcing at the same time. Mike Farrell from Rivals thinks it can happen (H/T solarise)