Cal Basketball Announcer Eddie Kleinhans Inspires Us All


You've heard Eddie K if you've been to a Cal basketball game in the last decade, he is the public address announcer. He's been around Cal a long time and is fed up with the way the crowds have been recently. He wrote a special article for the Daily Cal (link in title). He goes through a litany of changes in the Haas Atmosphere in the last decade, which is interesting to read, before finishing it off as follows: This is my personal rallying cry to Cal students to restore Haas Pavilion to what it was built to be -- the toughest place for opponents to play college basketball on the West Coast. A harrowing, blistering loud arena that prevented opposing teams from hearing their coaches in team huddles, caused them to play poorly, and walk out of the arena wishing their fans could hold a candle to our student section's brilliance. GET TO THE GAME EARLY. HECKLE OUR OPPONENTS. GIVE ME GOOSEBUMPS BY SINGING HAIL. WELCOME OUR TEAM ON THE FLOOR. GET THE ALUMNI INVOLVED. IMPACT THE GAME. GO BEARS!

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