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Golden Nuggets: Television Exposure vs Full Crowds

You all have heard it over and over this week, but the Cal bandwagon still has plenty of room for late arrivals.

Before chasing the Pac-10 championship that has eluded Cal for 50 years, senior Jerome Randle is rooting for something the Golden Bears haven't enjoyed yet this season.

"I'll be really disappointed if we don't sell out," Randle said of Thursday's game against Arizona. "We're really up for something big here, and I'm hoping this campus is excited to see what's going to happen.

"I hope we come in here and there's not one seat empty."

Coach Mike Montgomery, who has expressed some frustration over the lack of huge crowds, said he's not sure about the trade-off of TV exposure vs. a start time that makes it tough for fans to leave work, get through traffic and arrive for tipoff.

He said he has received no calls from folks across the country saying they watched the Bears play on national TV.

"For individual schools, some would argue the TV exposure helps. Maybe others would argue that trying to get people in stands and playing at a consistent time because people need to get there so they can get tickets would take precedence."

Montgomery stopped short of criticizing the arrangement but said it's a question worth examining.

"If people can't get some place because of time start, is it costing you revenue? And is it being made up in other ways?"

In other words, is it worth diminishing a home-court advantage for TV money?

After the jump Best and Alualu get ready to impress scouts, the Cal Silver Bears prepare to take on Arizona tonight, Randle/Boykin/Theo aren't nervous heading into tonight's game, Arizona loses one of its starters for the weekend, and rugby stifles the UBC Thunderbirds.

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