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Golden Nuggets: 20 Questions with Patrick Christopher

This week Faraudo plays 20 questions with Patrick Christopher.

How many pairs of basketball shoes you own: I don’t know. I’m going to say 70 pairs.

Coolest place you’ve been to play basketball: Coco Beach, Fla. I was playing travel ball at the age of 11. I think it’d be better at 21.

The place you’ve never been that you’d love to visit: Heaven

Besides Cal, the Pac-10 school with the best basketball fans: Honestly, I like Washington State.

The worst: Oregon State.

If you could be an Olympic athlete, other than basketball, your sport/event: Hockey. I’ve never ice skated, but I tip my hat to hockey players. It seems like they have to do a lot. They have to skate on ice and hit a puck with a stick.

The sport you refuse to watch: I don’t refuse to watch anything. I’ll watch any women’s sport because I’m a fan of women. Baseball is cool. A lot of basketball players don’t like football, but I’ll watch it. Being in college, I support all of Cal’s teams.

The actor who plays you in the movie version of your life: Will Smith

Actress who plays the lead opposite you: Halle Berry

Best concert you ever saw: Alicia Keys

Least favorite kind of music: Rock

Favorite meal your mother cooks: My dad was actually the chef for the family. He made this dish with rice and ground beef and cream of mushroom soup. It was something my grandmother used to make. I make it now.

Food you will not eat: Eggplant

Three people in history you’d like to have dinner with: Jesus, Malcolm X and Ralph Lauren.

After the jump, the NFL Combine gets underway, Max goes down with a collapsed lung, Monty and co look ahead to the crucial Arizona games, and more.

Cal Football

  • Wilner looks ahead to Cal's spring practice and gives some predictions about what will happen: Riley will stay the starter, it will take a long time for the D to learn Pendergast's system, and Cattouse will emerge as the most reliable in an oft-criticized secondary.
  • Although he criticizes Pendergast's performances in his last year at Arizona and his only year at Kansas City, Joseph Cannon says Pendergast is a step up from Bob Gregory.
  • The NFL Combine began today with placekickers, O-linesmen, and tight ends.  This means Mike Tepper is already undergoing various tests and interviews.  Best, Tucker, and Boateng will begin their activities tomorrow, Alualu starts on Friday, and Syd starts on Saturday.  The NFL Network will be broadcasting combine events all week into the weekend.

Cal Basketball