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Cal Women vs. Washington St. Game Thread

Time: 6 PM PST/9 PM EST
TV: None
Radio: Radio
Streams: Official WSU Stream - Probably behind a pay wall

Now that Cal is in the 2nd half of the Pac-10 season, and especially because NCAA tournament hopes are essentially gone, I'll be focused on looking for improvement compared to the first half of the season.  Playing on the road against Washington St. should give the Bears an opportunity to show improvement.  When Cal last took on the Cougars they struggled to put away one of the weaker teams in the conference, eventually winning 75-68.  Here are the 4 factors from that game:

California 48.4 40.5 14.8 26.2
Washington St. 51.7 14.0 15.5 11.9


So here's what I want to see from the Bears tonight:  Better defense.  Last time the Bears did a great ob rebounding, they held onto the ball, and they got to the line.  Washington St. kept it close entirely on the back of a decent shooting night - the Cougs shot 20-53 (57%) from two point range and 7-24 (29%) from three.  If Cal plays defense like they plaed defense against UCLA, this game should not be close, even on the road.  If they play defense like they did the first time against WSU, they could end the night with the same fate Arizona St. suffered last week - surrendering a win to a team that started the Pac-10 season with 10 straight losses.

So grab your headphones, boot up the gametracker, and comment away!  Go Bears!