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Golden Nuggets: Gettin Loggy Wit It

In addition to making clutch catches (@Stanford 2009) and emerging as a consistent, reliable pass catcher in slant routes, Alex "Loggy" Lagemann has recently started rapping in his spare time.

"I was listening to the radio and I kept saying to my roommates that I can't understand how people are being famous," Loggy said. "When you listen to the lyrical content of these people's stuff it makes no sense.

"I sat down and looked at the lyrics of 'Tik Tok' the Kesha song ... and it's literally a third grade poem."

His buddies called him on it, so he recorded 'We Run L.A.' People liked it. And what started out as a friendly challenge turned into a full-blown mixtape over winter break. No studio. Just Loggy in his room fooling around with his Macbook Pro, a computer mic that his mom had lying around and a $10 mic stand.

As for the content of Loggy's songs, he tries to talk about the things that he and his friends have conversations about. And that's what you get when you listen to Loggy.

"I'm a college student just like everyone else, and I know what I say can really speak for our peers," Loggy said. "I'm outgoing, exuberant, spontaneous dude and I go to college. I like to have fun, meet people, go crazy, have a good time and play football.

"I'm not in the ghetto and I'm not on the grind, you know. I write papers."

Lyric-wise, Loggy admits to sensationalizing certain things for effect. But that doesn't mean his lyrics are conscience-free or irresponsible. Lagemann actually called his mom after the mixtape's release, just to make sure that she didn't think that he was a bad kid or anything. Note: She still thinks he's a good kid.

The mixtape titled "Up All Night" was released a little over a week ago and people are loving it.

What's the next step for Loggy?

"There is no doubt that my heart is 100 percent set in football, and school obviously," Loggy said. "So when there's cracks of time, I can fill it up doing this rap stuff."

Meaning that he'll spend the spring trying to promote his music digitally via social networking sites, and also try to get a few shows at frats. Nothing's really set yet, except for a possible show at Blake's before spring break.

I asked if he'd be nervous moving out of his bedroom and onto the stage.

"I caught a ball in front of 70,000 people," Loggy said. "I shouldn't be afraid of playing a frat party in front of 150 drunk people. Most of them will be friends anyway."

And even though Loggy seems to be blowing up with over 3,500 downloads in two weeks, he has no intention to pursue rapping full-time, just yet. 

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