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Fantasy Week in Review - Championship Weekend!


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 4ever Golden 149 149-124
2 sec119 149 149-124
3 beer territory 148 148-125
4 It must not be named 147 147-126
5 Top Dog 146 146-127
6 The Meddlesome Marmot 146 146-127
7 moving screen 146 146-127
8 Cal Dragonboat 146 146-127
9 Bear in PDX 145 145-128
10 drub12 145 145-128

4ever Golden and sec119 are in pole position as we start to near the finish line. Will I use any more racing metaphors after the jump? Why not come and find out?

  • Bear in PDX led all scorers this week, going 16/21. Not too bad.
  • Two people took Washington (+7) against our Bears. Traitors, they are. Top Dog and priamsposers.
  • Oregon (-19) was a push. Sometimes these lines are right the fuck on.
  • Four people correctly took Notre Dame (+4) against USC.
  • Six people correctly took Maryland (+2.5) against NC State.
  • Seven people correctly took Boston College (+3) against Syracuse.
  • Four people incorrectly took Cincinnati (+1) against Connecticut.
  • Four people incorrectly took Clemson (+2.5) against South Carolina.
  • Six people incorrectly took Kentucky (+2.5) against Tennessee.
  • Seven people incorrectly took Penn State (+1) against Michigan State.
  • Eight people incorrectly picked Colorado (+16.5) against Nebraska.


So uh, I probably should have checked my team's lineup last week to see if I made it to the finals. Would have been nice if I had played Darron Thomas, Ed Wesley, and the TCU defense, but in the end it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I'll just turn it over to the story automatically generated by Sportsline.

atomsareenough won the California Golden Blogs Championship by a score of 149 to 63 over Yellow Fever.Russell Wilson led the team in scoring in the championship round and Kendall Hunter led the team in scoring for the season. Congrats once again to atomsareenough on a terrific College Fantasy Football Season. Hope to see you all next year! 

Hooray. As for our other league,


Really quite the close matchup there. I would have more to say if I knew who born to longsnap's team owner was - care to crawl out of the woodwork and take a celebratory lap in the comments section? Yes, another racing reference!