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Golden Nuggets: Who Would You Like to See Replace Daft and Marshall?

The holiday season has come to an end, but Cal fans still have a few more gifts to unwrap.  We have several coaching vacancies which might be filled in the coming weeks as well as a few more available spots in an already fantastic recruiting class.  

Several coaching moves take place in the latter half of bowl season as teams finish their seasons and fire coaches (keep rooting against RichRod!).  Meanwhile teams like Cal this year are in the position to poach talent from other teams.

So, with vacancies at offensive line coach and wide receivers coach, who would you like to see as replacements for Marshall and Daft?  If you're feeling especially creative, you can also make suggestions for a replacement strength and conditioning coach (creativity is encouraged).  

After the jump Faraudo and others make their picks for Pac-10 winner, player of the year, and newcomer of the year.