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Golden Nuggets: Tedford's Inspiration Encourages George Romero's Fight Against Cancer

During the summer Coach Tedford reached out to George Romero, a local Cal fan with brain cancer.  Although the chemotherapy is tough on him, Romero is progressing well and says he "is out to kick some butt."  He's confident Tedford will be able to bounce back and do the same next season.

Tedford invited [Romero] to the season opener against UC Davis, which he attended, and sent him a blue-and-gold Cal jersey with No. 54, Romero's long-ago football number at Pioneer High in San Jose, with his name printed on the back.

Romero's admiration for Tedford reached new heights, and has remained aloft despite Cal's 5-7 record this fall. Romero, 64, wore his Cal jersey on Saturdays, win or lose, at his San Jose residential care facility.
"The Bears and I have had some challenges," he said of Cal football. "But they've been in it all the way, and coach Tedford has been leading them strongly with integrity and sportsmanship. I've tried to emulate that myself."

But even Cal's losing has been a ray of hope for Romero.

"They've been a focus and an inspiration for me," he said. "They've persisted. It's not the easy successes that make it; it's what's you have to fight for. I'm still fighting, and I know the Bears will continue to fight."

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