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Time For Some Illegal Bowl Game Bets


The best kind of bowl game bets!

Of course, betting is illegal.  That's why we're not doing it today.  At least not for real money.  The only thing we're betting here is our pride.  Were we to have any.  The basic fact that you are reading this site/posting on this site/near a computer where this site is currently displayed shows you lack dignity and pride.  That's OK.  We're all like you. 

So, join us and let's discuss a few fun prop bets.  Write your responses in the comments and then we can look back after the games and see who won!  What do you win?  Well, since you are reading this right now, you're already a winner!  Or a loser.  One of the two.  Let's go!  BEARS!

42.7 points per game!

6470 yards in 2010!

The Auburn offense is nigh unstoppable! No huddle, fast paced, it is a force to be reckoned with. But, wait, I've heard of a way to stop such a high octane offense.  An obscure unimportant school with a meaningless football team faked well over 350 injuries and nearly knocked off one of those high octane no huddle offenses.  One of them fast paced, no huddle, forces to be reckoned with. Now, Oregon could learn a lot from that ragtag group of lovable ragamuffins, whoever they were!

So, tell me dear readers of CGB, give me the Over/Under on Number of Injuries faked by Oregon.  And remember, the Over/Under line is now set at "All Of Them."  Answer in the comments, will Oregon fake more or less injuries than "All Of Them." 

Foreign figures who visited the Stanford football team at the head of delegations warmly praised General Secretary Jim Harb Augh for having made immortal contributions to accomplishing the football cause.  The successes made by the Stanford people have instilled energy and encouragement into the world revolutionary people.  The Stanford people are dynamically advancing under the uplifted banner of Luck ideology. 

The Stanford people wisely led by Jim Harb Augh are now demonstrating their heroic stamina before the whole world.  The successes made in the Farm are the precious fruition of the indomitable mental power displayed by the army and people remaining boundlessly loyal to the Luck leadership of Jim Harb Augh.


So, how many Stanford fans you think gonna attend the Orange Bowl?  Like 30?  35?  Over/Under set at 2,500 tickets sold.  Show your work. 



Boston College comes across the country for the second year in a row to take on a West Coast school in San Francisco's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.  This year, they take on Nevada, known mostly for starting an ostrich at QB.  Yes, an ostrich.  Not even a really tall and lanky duck in an ostrich costume.  A genuine ostrich.

So, here's the deal with this one.  We'll go with Over/Under again.

Over/Under, how many times does the Boston College MLB crash into the pocket, easily tackling the running back, only to gaze in sad wonder as Colin Kapernick is already 25 yards downfield?  We'll set the line at a baker's dozen. Actually that's too easy.  Let's make it Over/Under, how many times DOESN'T the Boston College MLB crash into the pocket, easily tackling the running back, only to gaze in sad wonder as Colin Kapernick is already 25 yards downfield?

PS Middle Linerbacker tears are the most delicious tears of them all.  I call dibs!





Congratulations to Arizona!  Coach Mike Stoops made it through another season without murdering anybody.  Not even their entire special teams unit (including backup longsnapper) after ASU ended up beating them in the Territorial Cup on the back of 2 blocked extra points.  Not just 1 blocked extra point, but 2.  Isn't that the sort of loss you'd expect Cal to have?  And only Cal?  I feel like God really ruined a great storyline for a future Cal loss by giving that one to Arizona.

Anyway, for all of this impressive restraint, Coach Stoops and Arizona are now in the Alamo Bowl. 

Against Oklahoma State.  And the big bag of reasonable discourse and masculinity known as Mike Gundy:


Apparently, he is a man.  And 40.

So, instead of Over/Under here, let's play a different game.  Race To First.

Between Mike Gundy and Mike Stoops, which one is the first coach to murder a ref on the field?  BONUS POINTS if they murder the ref WITH THE OTHER COACH!  Now, who wouldn't want to see Gundy Stoops the line judge?  Or Stoops Gundify the backjudge?  These are the important questions of our lifetimes, people.  These are the questions we ponder here at CGB!




Washington is excited to take on Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl.  Last time they faced off, the Huskers crushed the Huskies.  Locker was beaten by the fierce Nebraska pass rush!  Now, Jake Locker has broken ribs, which are clearly hampering his abilities.  However, Coach Sark, desperate to build any momentum with his program, is dangerously playing his former NFL #1 Draft Pick through it all. Locker has already lost millions and millions of dollars this season and continuing to play through this injury only exacerbates a terrible situation.

Tell me, dear readers of CGB, how many more millions in guaranteed NFL draft money will Locker lose by being crushed in this game?  Or is this a trick question and he's already lost so much status that he's not looking at any guaranteed money at all anymore?  You tell me!