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Cal Football Coaching Changes: Kevin Daft (Wide Receivers), John Krasinski (Strength & Conditioning) Out

Yes, the official scuttlebutt is that our maligned wide receivers coach has been let go ($). (UPDATE: Here's an official release on Daft's departure). Daft has had a tumultuous few years as a Golden Bear--his receivers never seemed to improve, often regressed, and was one part of a multi-layered equation that resulted in our offense bottoming out and becoming perhaps the next-to-worse in the Pac-10 by season's end. While he probably never got a fair shake (it's not easy to be a receivers coach with the poor quarterback and offensive line play Daft had to deal with), the dropped balls and poor quarterback-receiver connections seem to be a strike against Daft's coaching, fair or unfair.

The surprising coaching change is Krasinski, who was heavily involved in shaping the SAHPC weight facilities and also is known to assist with other athletic teams. This could be a budget issue--Krasinski is one of the highest paid coaches on the Cal staff (he was making around 140k in 2009, projecting to around 150k in 2010), and the Athletic Department is in penny-pinching mode. I find it hard to believe Tedford has anything but the highest regard for one of the few remaining members of the team he brought with him from Oregon in 2002 (he was given one of the highest honors for S&C only three years previous), and perhaps he wasn't the one making the decision.

However, based on some of the recent performances from 2007 to 2010, there does seem to be a lack of the physical toughness that characterized early Tedford teams, and that could start in the training room. The inability to keep up with teams when they get ahead could be a result of poor stamina or preparation. Additionally, guys were getting injured more than they probably should have been. Some of that does fall within the workout regimens of the strength and conditioning coach, and perhaps Tedford figured it was time to shake things up. We probably won't ever know the answer.

Whatever the circumstances, it's a shame that Krasinski won't be able to help train the Cal athletes in the facility both he and Tedford have dreamed about for ages.  We wish both of these coaches the best of luck in finding new opportunities elsewhere.