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2010 Heisman Trophy Open Thread

Almost 100 years ago, Cumberland College discontinued its football team.  It had scheduled some games, but now had no team to play in those games.  They attempted to get out of the games, but at least one of the opponents demanded the modern day equivalent of $60,000.00 to cancel the game.  That school was Georgia Tech.  So, Cumberland got together 14 men and went down to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech defeated these 14 random men by the score of 222-0 in one of the most insane displays of "running up the score" ever witnessed. 

Well, they named a prestigious award after the ever so respectful coach of that Georgia Tech squad!

Tonight, we get to see who receives the NFL Kissofdeath known as the Heisman Award.  Will it be Cam Netwon?  Will it be LaMichael James?  Will it be Andrew Luck (pleasenopleaseno)?  Will it be some other guy?  Go some other guy!  

The Heisman Announcement show is on ESPN tonight starting at 5 PM PST.     SBN has a storystream on college football awards that you can follow here.  BEARS!