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Cal v. Washington 11.27.10 Photo Essay II

Part I

I spoke in Part I about how great the band's Sproul Steps concert pregame was.  They had a clear and crisp sound as they played some funk songs, one of which was apparently specifically written for them by a member of the band Tower Of Power. 

I was very much looking forward to the halftime show.  However and unfortunately, it was not as I hoped.  They decided for whatever reason to play to the alumni.  That meant we on the easy side could barely hear what was going on.  They did not really do much in the way of field chartings.  I presume this is because they had one week to prepare the show with Thanksgiving smack dab in the middle of that.  That creates a frustrating situation for the Drum Major, because he can't really construct a show with his Stunt Committee that is complicated or advanced.  With minimal practice time, they have to keep it basic. 

I certainly would have loved to better hear the music, though.  I hope the alumni did enjoy it.


After the jump, second half action from the Cal-Washington game.  GO BEARS!

As usual, the Drum Major did his baton twirling while the band played.  Monica's Dad captured some solid shots of the action.


IMG_5156 (via Monica's Dad)



IMG_5157 (via Monica's Dad)

And soon the second half started up with Cal holding a seemingly insurmountable 3-0 lead!


IMG_5011 (via Monica's Dad)

The offense was having troubles and UW mugging our players didn't help!


IMG_5205 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5206 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5247 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5288 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5396 (via Monica's Dad)

This fumble return for a touchdown was one of the few bright spots of the game.  Monica's Dad was in a perfect position to capture it moment by moment.  Drink in this awesomeness! 


IMG_5393 (via Monica's Dad)



IMG_5514 (via Monica's Dad)



IMG_5515 (via Monica's Dad)

The ball is loose and Cameron Jordan is running it in for the go ahead touchdown! 


IMG_5520 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5521 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5522 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5523 (via Monica's Dad)

Pretty soon after that, the rain started up in earnest. 



IMG_5573 (via Monica's Dad)

Even the camera man was prepared!


IMG_5589 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5639 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5646 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5721 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5802 (via Monica's Dad)

I have already wrote extensively regarding the end of this particular game.  You can read it here.  In my world, the final two seconds ticked off when UW failed to call their TO in a timely fashion.  What an embarrassing blunder on the part of Washington!  How could they have done such a thing???  But hey we'll take the victory.  The glorious victory in the last game of Old Memorial.

And that's how the game ended.  In my world, at least.


Then, we had the post-game celebration.  Eddie Kleinhans, Robert Birgeneau, and Sandy Barbour all gave talks.

They kindly waited for the UW fans/team to stop celebrating.  Why were they celebrating after their clear mistake led to their unfortunate loss?  How inexplicable!  Oh well.  The speeches were not exactly inspiring, although I did like Sandy's.  She spoke about how much work went into getting to this point.  That is the bigger picture.  Yes, we lost that day.  We had a rough season.  No denying that.  But the footing for the football team and Cal athletics in general is about to increase many, manyfold. 

In the big picture, things are going great.  Hopefully, in the small picture, things will be going great soon, too.






Then, it was time to begin construction!  Literally.  Some fans tried to take parts of the stadium.


I have never seen a security guard move so fast!




Alas, for this gentleman it was not to be.


But others were luckier.



And, thus, was the final game at Old Memorial.  GO BEARS!