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CGB Top 25 - Week 11

TCU jumps Boise State, but both teams still sit outside the Top 2.  Meanwhile, Les Miles eats grass and brings back the LSU voodoo magic.  (No, seriously, not a joke, not a euphemism:  Les Miles reached down during the game and ate part of the turf.  The man is crazy.)

Elsewhere, we say goodbye to Baylor and Syracuse (how short your stay was!) and welcome some other teams to the Top 25.  I'll bet they won't last long, either.  Justifications after the jump.


-TCU passes up Boise as destroying Utah gives them the resume bump past the Broncos.  Boise may have the chance to jump back ahead with a convincing win over Nevada, though TCU has another chance to pick up a decent win against San Diego St. next week.
-LSU is so weird.  So many close wins, but such a strong schedule.  Deciding where to put them is tough, something I'll be wrestling with for the rest of the year.
-As usual, there's a ginormous gap between #19 and #20.  At least NC St. and FSU had the courtesy to lose to help flush some of the ACC fodder from the bottom of the poll.  I'd much rather reward SDSU and Central Florida for solid years in mid-major conferences than 6-3 ACC teams.
-Stanford is getting impossible to ignore - they've destroyed every team on their schedule except for Oregon and USC.  This makes me unbelievably depressed.  I'm now vicariously rooting against Michigan just so RichRod gets fired.

Yellow Fever:  Had a lot of trouble trying to come up with teams to fill in the back end of my poll (20+).  Similarly to what norcalnick said, I think there's a legitimate case to be made that Stanford is the best one-loss team in the country, and I know I would take them over LSU if they were playing this week, Miles magic nonwithstanding.  The jumble in the top 4 is as difficult to sort out as it has always been, because of the issues in divining whether TCU or Boise are worthy because of their resume this year, but I think we've all accepted at this point that they can't change who they play.  They've beaten everyone on their schedule, so it's difficult to ask them to do any more than that.


  • TCU jumped Auburn after manhandling a very good Utah team.  Assuming they win out, TCU deserves a spot in the title game.
  • Even though I have LSU at 9th, I don't think they're worth of the ranking.  Les Miles is the luckiest man alive...and he ate a few pieces of grass during the LSU-'Bama game just before LSU's crucial 4th down conversion.  Did anyone see that?
  • Once again, figuring out the 21st through 25th spots was similar to drawing names out of a hat.