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Golden Bears Will Play Thursday Night Games With Oregon, USC In 2011

The Pac-10 released their official schedule for 2011 a few minutes ago. What's most interesting are the back-to-back games for the California Golden Bears on Thursday Night Football (which will be national telecasts on ESPN), with one in AT&T Park. I'm not certain, but would this be the first time Cal has ever played a Thursday night home game? It'll also be interesting to see if this would conflict with another Giants postseason run (although two of the games will be in November).

Sat., Sept. 24: California at Washington
Thurs., Oct. 6: California at Oregon
Thurs., Oct. 13: USC at California (AT&T Park)
Sat., Oct. 22: Utah at California (AT&T Park)
Sat., Oct. 29: California at UCLA
Sat., Nov. 5: Washington State at California (AT&T Park)
Sat., Nov. 12: Oregon State at California (AT&T Park)
Sat., Nov. 19: 114th Big Game at Stanfurd
Sat., Nov. 26: California at Arizona State

Cal's non-conference schedule has yet to be determined. Our matchup with Colorado is not a conference game, and has yet to be resolved.

Our 2012 schedule would feature the same non-divisional  conference opponents, so pencil in home dates with UCLA and Arizona State and road dates to Utah and USC in our return to Memorial. In 2013-14 we'd rotate out Utah and ASU and place in Colorado and Arizona. We'd rinse and repeat that cycle for the remaining years of the eight year schedule rotation.