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Golden Nuggets: Cal's Juniors Strive to Turn the Program Around Next Year

After another disappointing season, Cal fans (and players) are stuck waiting until the next year when they have the potential to turn things around.  Several young guys have embraced leadership roles for the next year, but it's probably going to take more than good leaders to churn out a successful season.

An argument can be made that Cal hasn't fully recovered from that 2-6 finish in 2007. The Bears were a solid 9-4 in 2008, but their recruiting class that year wasn't as highly regarded as those of previous seasons. The same could be said about their incoming freshmen in 2009.

The Bears began the 2009 season ranked No. 12 in the country, and although they registered a couple quality wins, they went just 8-5, with all five losses being lopsided.

That brings us to this year. Cal entered the season with low expectations that turned out to be accurate.

"I definitely feel like I'm ready to put it all on my shoulders," safety Sean Cattouse said. "I know there are a lot of guys that feel the same way. Everything I do on and off the field, I just want to be a complete leader, a complete football player for this team."

Quarterback Brock Mansion, whose starting spot is far from guaranteed after guiding the Bears to a 1-3 record over the final four games while filling in for injured starter Kevin Riley: "I'm going to lead with my actions. I'm not going to do too much talking because that doesn't get you very far. I'm just going to take it upon myself to do what it takes to move us to the next level."

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