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Golden Nuggets: Football Season Comes to an End

This will be the longest offseason of Tedford's tenure at Cal.  He'll undoubtedly have several tough questions to answer.  Yesterday he started answering (albeit in vague terms) how he'll improve the program during the offseason.

On evaluating the team going forward: 

"(Preparing for next year) will start immediately. (Evaluating our team) is something we do throughout the year. We evaluate every week and as we move forward there will be a great deal of evaluation. It starts with recruiting, which we will be doing on Monday. That is something you do every single year no matter how many games you win. We haven't had a season like this, so there are a lot of things that need to improve. "

On preparing for next season:
"Like I told the team in the locker room, we are very disappointed, but I've enjoyed coming to work every single day. We have some good young players, and we will have a veteran squad next year. I have a lot of confidence in what our kids are all about. I know they will come back with a lot of focus in the off season program. "

On this year's results:
"We averaged eight and a half or something wins every year (since Jeff Tedford became the coach beginning in 2002), and made a bowl game very year. This is a disappointment. You experience something like this, and it doesn't feel good. I feel bad for the kids first and foremost, the people that support us, the university, and the alumni. I have a great deal of pride in this program; I have a great deal of love for this program. Obviously we want to get some things done. There were a lot of good football games. I have said in the past that whether you win 8 games or 9 games, there is a very fine line between 5-7 and 7-5. That being said this isn't acceptable to the coaches, and this isn't acceptable to the players. " 

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