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The Official California Golden Bears Football Music Video


I haven't quite yet decided on who's Cal football and who's the Cal football fan in this video. On one hand, Megan Fox suffers from severe mood swings here (like Cal football fans) and keeps on giving that lout second chances that he doesn't deserve. On the other, Megan Fox is ridiculously hot (like Cal football when it's good) and somewhat emotionally unhinged (like Cal football when it's bad). Meanwhile, Merry (Dominic Monaghan is too hard to spell) seems like a chronic drunkard who doesn't really understand what's going on (like the regular Cal football fan). He also seems better than he looks at first, until you get to know him firsthand (like Cal football in general).

When Chris Polk of the Washington Huskies snuck it into the end zone on 4th and goal on the last play of the game to beat the California Golden Bears and dash any realistic hopes at a bowl game....on the final play to ever be played at the current Memorial Stadium...all I can think about is Fox picking her bags off the sidewalk. No Cal football, I don't hear sincerity in your voice when you talk. Although I'm sure we'll fall back into routine soon enough.

What do you guys think? And are there any other music videos that you recommend as our official Cal football music video?

Recap coming sometime. Maybe in a few hours. Days. Weeks. What does it matter anymore?  The Golden Bears are too busy watching me burn. It feels kinda good though...