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Week 13 Non-Cal Football Late Games Thread

More rivalry games!  USC - Clemson.  Egg Bowl - Ole Miss and MSU!  Plus, can OSU take down Stanford the way they took down USC? An upset would go a long way toward keeping the Cardinal away from any nasty BCS bowls. We don't want our rivals getting an infection.

Also, Oklahoma - OSU & USC - ND. A full schedule after the jump.  GO BEARS!

All times are Eastern and more information can be found here:

South Carolina at Clemson   7pm
Mississippi St at Ole Miss     7pm
Oregon St. at Stanford     7:30pm
Wake Forest at Vanderbilt
Georgia Tech at Georgia   7:45pm
Notre Dame at USC 8pm
Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. 8pm
Houston at Texas Tech  FSN List   8pm
UNLV at San Diego St.     8pm
Idaho at Fresno St.