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Cal Football Senior Day Haikus

Darian Hagan and a dozen or more seniors will be walking through Memorial Stadium one last time on Saturday.
Darian Hagan and a dozen or more seniors will be walking through Memorial Stadium one last time on Saturday.

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Our Remember The Seniors posts will be coming this offseason for our most notable graduating seniors, but this is a chance for you to honor all of them before Senior Day comes. This is the last chance they get to walk on Memorial Stadium turf as student-athletes. This game could potentially (heaven forbid) be the last time some of our California Golden Bears put on the blue and gold, and it seems appropriate that we honor their season on the eve of this game.

Submit your haikus of our seniors (let's hypothetically pretend, for the sake of this post, that Shane Vereen is coming back, because he'll get his own post when the subject arises this offseason). Other poetry forms (tanka? ode? limerick?) get bonus points and recs. (HT from MGoBlog for the idea)

Kevin Riley
Up, down, up, down, up
Was a rollercoaster ride
But still won twenty*

*including Armed Forces Bowl.

Cameron Jordan
First Alualu,
Now the manchild from Zona
Lupoi Legacy?

Mike Mohamed
Luck is back to throw
And then you lock onto it
Golden Immortal

Darian Hagan
Tag-team with Syd'Quan
Fell down, got back up again.
Now be a great dad.

Derrick Hill
Nose tackle we need
But not the one we deserve
F'ing injuries

Chris Conte
Corner or safety?
We got our answer this year.
See you on Sundays?

Chris Guarnero
Tried your hardest
Not your fault you're not Alex
I'll blame Marshall

Keith Browner
Brought top-notch effort
Part of the great football clan
Don't crash to tailback

Michael Costanzo
Never saw the field
But found a second calling
Get some Euro gigs

Donovan Edwards
Unleashed Jahvid
Always enthusiastic
Best Golden Tweeter

Richard Fisher
Picked up blitzes
Civil engineer degree
True student-athlete

Garry Graffort
I hardly knew ye
Walk-ons appear well-groomed
Fantastic goatee

Jerome Meadows
South Carolina
San Jose, and now Berkeley
He been everywhere

Bryant Nnabuife
Make big or poor play
No in-between, he is our
Jekyll and our Hyde

Jarred Price
Took Solder to school
Manage to headbutt Tedford
Now keep the mohawk

Jeremy Ross
A running back stuck
In body of receiver
The hurdles were nice