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CGB Top 25 - Week 13

Clearly, we are all numbed by this college football season.  With our collective psyche pummeled into the turf at Memorial Stadium by Andrew Luck & Co., it's hard to muster much enthusiasm for anything.  The 'Furd moves up two into the "best 1-loss team" category, but the rest of the Top 6 stays the same.  Beyond that, a ranked Nebraska team drops 6 slots after losing at a ranked Texas A&M team, and nobody else moves more than 2 spots.  Maybe it's because the teams we thought were good all pretty much won, or because at this point in the season, with so many games played, it's hard to justify large swings based on one additional game of information, but I like to think it's because we, as voters, have just kinda stopped caring.

Given the number of comments on the last two editions of this weekly post (0), maybe you've stopped caring too.  Thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Yellow Fever:  I came down with a cold yesterday and didn't get to watch many of the games yesterday, and didn't make it to a bar to see the Big Game.  From the live stream of the fourth quarter that I managed to wake up for and a perusal of the live threads of the earlier quarters, I didn't miss much.

Norcalnick:  I didn't watch a minute of football outside the Big Game.  I don't particularly want to watch a minute of football until bowl season at the earliest.

Wisconsin stays ahead of Stanford based on a better best win (over Ohio St. vs. over USC) and LSU stays ahead of both for a collection of strong wins and the best loss of all three.  Am I looking for reasons to put Stanford as low as is intellectually justifiable?  Probably.  I care not.

It will be nice when the Big 10? 11? 12! gets a championship game next year so we don't have to deal with the stupidity of conference contenders not playing each other.

I moved Boise St. and TCU back ahead of LSU in part because their resumes improved (nice wins from Oregon St., Utah and Virginia Tech) and in part because at the end of the day I should reward an undefeated season.  But if LSU records a strong victory at Arkansas they have a pretty legit argument for passing up either undefeated Boise St. or TCU.

Berkelium97:  Boise St's impressive beatdown of Fresno State earned them the #3 spot ahead of TCU this week.

I still can't believe LSU avoided disaster and managed to earn another top-10 spot.  Cal would have gone to the Rose Bowl three times out of sheer luck if Miles coached at Cal.

Virginia Tech keeps climbing while running over everyone in the ACC.

Utah re-earned a spot on the ballot after not rolling over and dying against SDSU.

ragnarok:  Yup, nobody cares.  On to basketball season!