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Golden Nuggets: Stanford Punches Cal in the Face

Update: Cal is a 3 point favorite over Washington.

Tedford said the problem yesterday was not with his players' motivation but with their execution.

On whether the Cal players were in control of their emotions: 

"They were in control. They were fired up to play. I don't think they were out of control."

On whether there was an emotional letdown after the close loss to Oregon:
"No. The Oregon game was the Oregon game. It was a week ago. This is the Big Game. It's a big rivalry. The intensity was there, so, no, I don't believe that. They played better than we played. It's plain and simple. You can't make mistakes."

On whether he expected a better effort from his team in a rivalry game:
"I don't think it was a lack of effort. I think it was they made plays and we didn't make plays. I don't think it had anything to do with effort. You have to give them credit. We have two guys on the guy when they throw deep, and he jumps up to make the catch. It didn't have to do with effort; it had to do with execution. You have a guy that's running down the sideline and is probably going to score, and the ball is underthrown and that gets intercepted."

On the upcoming Washington game:
"We have one more game. We're home against Washington to get our sixth win and to be bowl eligible. Going into this week, there will be a lot of focus, and we have to be able to prepare well. If you can't get motivated for that, then there's a problem. I don't think motivation's going to be a problem. Washington's a good football team, and we're going to have to have a great week of preparation." 

After the jump men's basketball routs New Mexico, women's basketball comes up just short against the Lobos, and Cal wins the Big Splash and Big Spike.


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