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Golden Nuggets: Kevin Riley Talks About His Injury and Future

Today's Tuesday Media Luncheon featured Tedford, Shane Vereen, Brock Mansion, and Kevin Riley.  Tedford, Vereen, and Mansion talk about Riley's injury and preparation for Washington State, but we'll look at Riley's comments which provide insight into his near and long-term plans.

On whether he has ever experienced such a painful injury
"Yeah, I've broken some collarbones before, but when it happened I knew something wasn't right, obviously. It's just like the instant pain. You just start thinking about every different thought. Right when it happened I was just lying there and like, `Crap, this is my last play of football.' That's the first thing that popped in my head, and pretty much this wave of emotion came over me, just thinking, I'm done. And I kind of knew it, I knew it wasn't just your regular thing. Especially coming off, when I was like, `Oh, let me walk. I can walk, I'm fine. I'll go back in the game.' And then I put a little bit of pressure on it more, and I was like, `No way.' [Then, once on the bench on the sideline] I tried to walk again and say, `I'm fine, just strap me up' and try to go back in, and obviously couldn't stand up. Anytime I put my leg straight it just crumbled, because of the calf thing."
On the reaction and feedback he has received from the Cal football community
"Just people that know me, really, and family from back home. Everybody that knows me has been super supportive, and [I] appreciate it. It's not an easy time but like I said, I don't regret anything. Trying to look at it in the most positive light and not get down, because I've seen people get hurt before [during] their senior year and just kind of be upset about it. Just got to be positive. I appreciate what everybody's sent me so far."
On the moment coach Tedford embraced him as he came off the field
"I appreciate everything coach has done. He's been hard on me, but who hasn't? Quarterback-wise, he expected the most of me and I expected the most out of him and me together, and that was fine. We've been through a lot. He's defended me when people criticized me and like I say, a lot of people don't know what goes on really inside the game besides the people playing it. When I came off I knew it was probably done and that's why I got pretty emotional. I'm a pretty tough kid and I think he knew when he saw me, I think he knew I knew that it was done, and I felt like it was just kind of a thank you. It felt good. At the time though, I was hoping to get back in the game but I kind of knew I was done."

After the jump the extent of Riley's injury is clarified, Washington State loses some players to injury while having a few return from injury, and several outlets see where Riley's career fits in the Cal history books.



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