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CGB Top 25 - Week 10

This week, our poll includes both Baylor AND Syracuse, but not a single team from Florida.  I swear this is not a basketball poll.

Surprise undefeateds Michigan State and Missouri see reality come crashing down on them, while Nebraska and Iowa move up.  Utah finally plays another good team, getting by Air Force to set up their showdown vs. TCU.  Justifications after the jump.

Yellow Fever:  I didn't bother watching much college football after following some play-by-play of the team's debacling up in Corvallis, so there's that.

ragnarok:  I watched part of Oregon @ USC, and that was pretty much it.  In fact, even before the Cal game started, I didn't even think about switching from the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear to one of the early games.  This year's Cal team has kind of beat the enthusiasm for college football out of me.

Berkelium97:  I don't have a whole lot to say about this week's ballot.  I wasn't interested in watching much college football after Riley's injury.


Norcalnick:  -Auburn and Oregon further solidify their hold on what is clearly the two best resumes in the country, and if they both remain undefeated it would be an excellent matchup worth getting excited about.  Anything can happen, but I really don't see a loss on Oregon's remaining schedule.  Auburn, however, still seems iffy with Alabama and the SEC title game still left.

-It would be so great if Auburn or Oregon (or both!) could lose one game by the end of the regular season with Boise St. and TCU/Utah remaining undefeated.  Mass chaos would ensue and it would be wonderful to watch with no real interest in the mythical national championship participants. I'm resigned to the BCS as a system for the long term, forseeable future, but that doesn't mean I want to see it work out well, because it's still an asanine way of deciding things.

-Wisconsin beat Iowa beat Michigan St. beat Wisconsin.  Stupid Big Tweleven.  I gave the nod for Wisconsin since their loss was close on the road and their impressive win over Ohio St. carries weight, and Iowa stays a notch above Michigan St. for beating the Spartans so convincingly.  Even though Iowa has one more loss, I'm not going to punish them for scheduling a difficult OOC road game.  Head to head takes precedent here.

-Oklahoma beat Texas beat Nebraska beat Missouri beat Oklahoma.  Stupid Big Twelve/Ten.  Nebraska's home loss to Texas is a real head scratcher, but I still put them ahead of their one-loss compatriots for generally looking more impressive in their wins.  The situation is pretty fluid though.

-I hope teams like Oregon St., Hawaii, Nevada and other edge-of-the-poll dwellers win a few more games so I don't have to put mediocre ACC fare in the 20s.  Ick.


  • Oregon passed Auburn for the #1 spot.  Not even the fighting Cam Newtons can keep up with the Ducks, though that would be a very exciting title game (not going to happen, though--Auburn will lose one of its remaining games).
  • Whoever wins the TCU-Utah game will pass Boise St in my ballot next week.
  • I said I wouldn't put Virginia Tech in ballot until after the ran the table in the ACC, but I put them in (at 21) a couple weeks early.