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CGB Top 25 - Week 12

Not much movement in the Top 12 this week; Boise flips over TCU while Wisconsin edges above Stanfurd (83 points, Badgers?  Really?  That's just mean).  Some other teams move up, while the back end of our poll consists of some teams with varying degrees of dubious qualifications.

Some thoughts on the beauty contest at the top and other justifications after the jump.

ragnarok:  We've still got four undefeated teams left, competing in what is essentially a beauty contest.  Does this weekend's results change your ordering of the top 4?  Oregon struggled at 5-5 Cal, barely pulling out a win, Auburn let 5-6 Georgia hang around far too long at home, TCU barely squeaked by San Diego State (and also watched Utah get squashed at Notre Dame), and one of the signature wins for both TCU and Boise State took a hit when Oregon State got blown out at home by one of the worst Division I-A schools in the country, Washington State.

Norcalnick:  Yes.  I already had Auburn ahead of Oregon, so Oregon's scare against Cal doesn't lower them any.  Besides, I'd like to think that Cal isn't so bad (particularly at home) that if a team struggles to beat them it means that they must be a bad team.  I gotta give our Bears a little credit!

I moved LSU to #3 ahead of Boise St. and TCU.  I had LSU above Boise St. last week as the value of their win over Oregon St. declined.  But Oregon St. losing to the Cougs (and Utah looking like a complete fraud) has really robbed BSU and TCU of big wins and resume strength.  Right now I have BSU ahead of TCU because I think that they played Oregon St. better and because they haven't had any scares like TCU did against San Diego St.

If Boise St. destroys Nevada I'll strongly consider move them ahead of LSU, but in the end it doesn't matter much for the national championship unless Auburn or Oregon lose.  As of right now LSU has two wins over teams in my poll (compared to one lower ranked team for BSU) and a host of wins against decent, bowl eligible competition, and in my opinion that offsets a close, competitive loss to Auburn.

Yellow Fever:  This past weekend's results actually made me feel even more strongly about Oregon at #1, because it showed they actually do have a defense, unlike Auburn. I'm much more confident in Oregon's ability to shut down any potential national championship game opponent than I would be for Auburn to do the same - though I have a sneaking suspicion Boise State is the best team in the country on both offense and defense. I said last week I didn't think Boise had done anything to merit dropping behind TCU, and as it turns out, TCU hadn't really done much to merit moving ahead of them in the first place. I don't want to overreact to what's happened the past two weeks to TCU either, as I feel they're a very deserving fourth place team, but I don't think they've proven definitely that they should be any higher either.

Berkelium97:  I kept the top-4 the same as last week.  Oregon's SoS trumps Auburn's which trumps TCU's which trumps Boise State's.  If Auburn wins next week (and I don't expect them to), I'll bump them up to #1.  At this point, unless Oregon AND Auburn lose, I don't anticipate giving TCU or Boise State the top spot.

Sorting out the 1-loss teams is getting tougher and tougher every week, especially since 3 of them come from the Big Televen.

Utah plummeted (to 25th) after their embarrassing loss to Notre Dame.  It's a shame--they looked like such a great team until getting steamrolled by TCU.

I am still skeptical of Les Miles and LSU, which is why I have them at 10th.