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Cal-Oregon Report Card

BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13:  Isi Sofele #20 of the California Golden Bears enters the stadium for their game against the Oregon Ducks at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13: Isi Sofele #20 of the California Golden Bears enters the stadium for their game against the Oregon Ducks at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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We have an interloper in our midst!  This is, I believe, a first.  Non-Cal fans taking the time to fill out the CGB Reader Report Card.  Who woulda thunk it!  Feel the history!  Now, then, let's see what this comment is:

IL Oregon Fan - I graded based on the performance I saw, but it's hard to view anything as legitimate given Tedford's proclivity to call fake injuries. You should be ashamed your coach stooped to the same classless level of Dennis Erickson and Jimmy H, and unlike his hated counterpart at the 'furd, didn't stop them when it become obvious what he was doing

WE WILL NEVER ESCAPE THIS!  You can see more comments from CGB Readers after the jump.  GO BEARS!


Mean Score
Standard Deviation

Pass Offense

Rush Offense
Pass Defense
Rush Defense
Special Teams
Win likelihood vs Stanford
.677 (-.014)

Berkelium97: You know what I like about numbers?  You can't use them to complain about cramps and you can't get banned for trolling with them (...or can you?).

Hear that? That's the golden silence of numbers.  Enjoy this brief period of solace, because it's been a noisy week.

The running game, defense, and coaches received high marks overall.  Passing and special teams failed miserably.  Although our .500 Bears face a sixth-ranked Stanford team this weekend, we're only 1.4% less confident in a victory.  PUMP PUMP PUMP!



Surprisingly, there were no editor's choice awards this week.  After all the derptastic trolling this week, I was shocked that no one trolled the report card.  I have overestimated our trolls. 

For the rest of you reasonable people I have the usual two awards: Super Critics, whose report cards had the lowest total scores, and Tedford's Sunshine Pumpers, whose report cards had the highest total scores.


Tedford's Sunshine Pumpers
Net Score, Percentage
1. JustBear
5.60, 80.0%
2. defsoad
5.50, 78.6%
3. kidnebraska
5.42, 77.4%
4. jali
5.35, 76.4%
5. fuzzywuzzy
4.97, 70.9%
Super Critics
Net Score, Percentage
1. Texpatriate
3.10, 44.3%
2. AceDaddy 3.40, 48.6%
3. SDBear
3.50, 50.0%
4. SoCal Oski
3.70, 52.9%

5. IL Oregon Fan

3.80, 54.3% 








CGB HIVEMIND Overall Deviation
1. KoreAmBear
2. sacman701
3. coolingfan
4. northbeachbear .079
5. JO @ UCSD


Finally we have CGB HIVEMIND for those whose scores most accurately reflect the group scores.





Now let's see how you all felt about the game in words.  Remember, use your inside voices, especially when talking about special teams.

Gameday Experience




jali - Awesome atmosphere. Crowd was really into it. Mic men were awful. Hopefully, we can return to being a consistently good team so we can have more big games like this one. Big Game should be fun

Tightwad Phil - A beautiful day up on the Hill with an incredible sunset over the Golden Gate. The vibe on Tightwad was pretty chill, probably cause of all the weed being smoked, but when we saw the players and even Coach Tedford getting the crowd amped, we responded, and the cheering was passionate and frenzied. I got goosebumps on a few of those 3rd and 4th down stops. Haven't felt that energy at Memorial since Tennessee.

CaliforniaEternal  - Oregon's uptempo offense helped motivate the crowd.

fuzzywuzzy - Great game, the D rose to the occasion. We have to come up with a way to prevent all those irritaintg Duck fans from filling half the stadium, that sucked. The cheerleaders can stay. And the Duck is fine if she doesn't have much to do...

SoCalOski - Uh Oh - Tavecchio!

SDBear - bought two six packs (Alaskan Oatmeal Stout and Anderson Valley Winter Solstice) to help me get through the game. I feared it wouldn't be enough to dull the pain once we were down 35-0 at the half. I was glad I was wrong.

J.T. - My tickets were in an Oregon fan section. I feared for my life. It was touch a go for a while there, their fans are mean.

bearbacker - Sitting in my office programming and yelling my computer after every muffed special teams play. I never got my program working..

KoreamBear - Our D was heroic

JO @ UCSD - Great noise in Memorial, though a lot of it was coming from Oregon fans. Glad we hung in there and played them tight. Would've loved to see a cal win but loved the effort

Oskiwow1 - Fantastic spirit of the team. Excellent defense. Need better kicker and special teams.

Mansion an improvement. Given the talent at wide receiver it seems not much happens.
I think coaching problems abound on the offense.

sec119 - Pre-gamed at the Kingfish. The weather was damp and bone-chilling, so I can see why so many people cramped. Lots of duck fans. I hate all of them, and I hope we booed their injured player as loudly as they booed ours

TheDapperTopper - So many Oregon fans, EVERYWHERE. The best part was all of them wandering around lost after the game. Stadium was packed and loud, and everyone stayed for the entire game. Even without the W, our team played extremely well.

iVinishe - I may have permanent hearing damage =.=

ososdeoro - I was crushed when I learned that I share my birthday with Dick Callahan. But still, another beautiful day for hanging with dear friends and a game that exceeded nonexistent expectations.

Spazzy McGee - Best atmosphere since 2007. It's been a while since the crowd has been that invested in a game, and awesome to be. Berkeley can be as awesome a place to experience football, when it wants, and that showed today.

CalBeoring - Had a good day. Nothing too remarkable. I was pleasantly surprised by our ability to hold Oregon to 15 points, and I'm content with the moral victory, even if the bitter sting of losing another close game isn't quite gone.

hardtobecalfan - I'm really proud of our guys, especially the defense. They played with a lot of heart and pride. I was expecting a big loss, but they proved me wrong. This is more painful than a big loss, because it was Arizona pt 2 and we were one missed field goal away from the upset. But this is not a performance I am ashamed of.

kidnebraska - was masochistic enough to watch the game in eugene. what a bad idea.

BamaBear - Overthrows and dropped passes...that's the order of the day for passing offense for Cal in 2010.

coolingfan - Too much adrenaline now... I'm not sure if I will be able to sleep.
I like watching stuff on Versus -- they include a lot of crowd noise in the audio, which I like the most.

troatie - Oddly enough, I was so excited about how we were doing, that I wasn't nervous at all. Win or lose, I felt really comfortable watching this game.

CalJeff - VS. network leaves much to be desired in terms of their announcers and their gameday graphics. Larry Scott - get better TV partners!

Pass Offense



CalBeoring - Mansion was just off half the time. And when he did get a good pass off, the receivers (i.e. Jones, Miller) dropped the ball on half of those. It was only a measly 30% of the time that Mansion got off a pass that the receivers then caught. It's a miracle we scored at all. The one bright spot I saw was the ability of Mansion to connect with receivers for short passes to convert 3rd downs. There weren't a whole lot of 3 and outs, which I think is one reason we kept the game so close.

TightwadPhil - Is it just me, or does every Cal quarterback since Rodgers get progressively worse? Man, Mansion makes Ayoob look good.
Granted, Miller, Jones and Allen all dropped catchable passes, but other that that, his throws were WAY off target. And the O-line, for once, was giving him good protection. This guy was a highly touted 4-star recruit out of HS? This is his 4th year in the program? Man, what are our they feeding our QBs?

defsoad - I think overall Mansion wasn't horrible, but he was fighting himself more than the defense a few times. It looked like he had a lot of adrenaline going on and had some bad overthrows. He also had some good throws that were dropped. I think it was a pretty average game that could have been better had he not been overly excited.

LazyBear - Non-existent. 30% completions or something like that? Can't really expect much but Brock seemed to excitable and looks like bad Riley. "Warming up" on the sideline like Riley did. Got ok protection and just overthrew or receivers dropped passes.

WillardFan - Never thought I'd say this, but I wish Riley was in there. Hell, I wish Ayoob was in there.

hardtobeacalfan - You can't pass for 69 yards and expect to win the game. Mansion had wild passes and receivers had the dropsies again, but I thought the O-line did a good job giving Mansion a chance. Mansion throwing passes that no one could catch equals no interceptions either, so that's something!

iVinishe - (Riley overthrow)^(Riley overthrow)=Mansion overthrow?!

TheDapperTopper - Mansion overthrew some easy completions; receivers seemed to have trouble bringing in balls. An admirable performance given our shortcomings.

TrumanHugh - This appears to be our biggest issue.

Overthrows and dropped balls need to stop.

O-line seemed to hold better this week, but the Oregon D was fast enough to keep pressure on Mansion pretty much throughout.

No picks, so that was good.

mrjpark - Amazing. I'm not scared of moving on anymore since Steve Williams looking to develop into a great corner -- maybe even a lock-down corner -- and the pass rush brought with Clancy's schemes are only going to help them.

Run Offense



ososdeoro - Meh. A little better because there was less wildbear. The O-Line improved, even opening up a few inside holes (unheard of this year). Oregon isn't #1 because of their defense, though, and since the power game is our bread and butter, I thought it was average.

yg - Another hearty performance by Shane Vereen. He is two yards away from starting Cal's next 1000 yard rushers streak.

TrumanHugh - The Oregon D kept our success to a minimum, and Vereen did have the bonehead fumble early on, but our run game kept us in the game.

JustBear - O-line played well today. Just one holding penalty and i forgot the other one. very disciplined. Great holes for Vereen to run, at least on the first few drives.
Vereen had all the carries. ALL!!! and Sofele had none. NONE!!! I hope Shane is OK for Furd next week.

JO @ UCSD - Other than Vareen's fumble the running game was good today, Oline did a decent job opening up holes and Vareen was inches from breaking out some big runs.

SDBear - Shane Vereen is a one man wrecking crew. Seriously, look at the stats, no other RB even got a carry tonight. I am going to be sad to see Vereen leave for the NFL after this season because he is our ENTIRE offense. We go as the run game and more precise as Vereen goes.

Of course, the only thing Vereen did wrong was the fumble to start the 2nd half. Wish he would have held on to that ball.

I know people on here like Isi but the kid didn't even get one carry, that worries me.

Pass Defense



yg - The real accomplishment is intercepting Thomas' Heisman hopes.

grinandbearit - Overall, I thought we did a good job with pass pressure. The Hill forced fumble obviously was huge. Our defense kept us in this one. As for the secondary, they did well enough when they were tested

bearbacker - AWESOME. I dont think we could have asked for more from our defense. They are a ligit unit when the decide to show up. I think Clancy is still figuring out how the college game works but when he does I think he can turn our defense into the best unit in the pac 10.

SDBear - Other than the 29 yard TD pass they did a great job. They blanketed the Oregon WR's down the field and seemed to run with them stride for stride. They seemed to give Oregon the short passes to the flats but nothing long and once a pass was completed they did a great job tackling, limiting any YAC.

fuzzywuzzy - Man-to man with the top DB's injured - great job, except for that one play...

CaliforniaEternal - Amazing effort by the defense. The DL was applying pressure all night. I thought our D would put in a solid effort, but holding this Oregon offense to 1 TD is insane. The defense also provided half the offense with Derrick Hill's TD. You can't ask for a better performance than that. Well, I guess you could ask for a stop on their last drive, but when the offense/ST can't provide more that 7 points, you're going to have a hard time winning.

jali - Impressive performance helped by a few drops on deep throws. Oregon did a good job adjusting and attacking us in the flats and on crossing routes (especially when we were running man defense). After that first catch of the second half by Maehl, I was worried they would start beating us by airing it out a bit but our defense stepped up again

Run Defense



BamaBear - So much better than could be expected and did a great job handling the option and bottling up Lamichael James. I think that they were just too gassed to make it happen on the last drive.

SDBear - Clancy released the hounds of hell on the run defense. Cals DL was dominating the trenches and making life difficult for James and Thomas. When Thomas kept the ball and ran, we punished him.

The Prophet was all over the field and Hill scored as many points as our offense.

1988goldenbear - Very good! Held James under 100 but couldn't stop Barner or Thomas on the last critical drive. LOVED seeing them whack Thomas even after he pitched the ball, that was obviously missing against Nevada. Mohammed was a monster in the middle, and the D-line played great for much of the game.

TheDapperTopper - Hey, hey, LMJ, how many girls did you choke today?

grinandbearit - Solid. We seemed to maintain the gaps well, and we were not fooled very often by the handoffs. Of course, we were probably worn down a bit by the end of the game because of our offense, so the Oregon OL was getting more push in the 4th quarter.

SoCalOski - Totally studly effort. Both Thomas and James looked lost, frustrated, and beaten because they were dominated. The vaunted duck ground game was totally PWNED. Except, of course, for that final drive when it all just went away.

Texpatriate - Clancy figured something out about the run d-- I can only think of one play where there wasn't a second wave of tacklers following the carrier. James and Thomas still crawled for too many final plunge yards (that's what did us in).

jali - Dominant. Dline absolutely shut down the frontside runs. Only LMJ's magnificence avoided a lot more stops for negative yardage. Most exciting part of the game, BACKSIDE CONTAIN!!! WOOO. Thomas had few opportunities to keep it. Just spectacular play against their run game.

LazyBear - Monster. Beast. They seemed more tired than us. If it wasn't for La Michael's little juke moves, we might be celebrating.

ososdeoro - Outstanding until the final drive. I don't want to take anything away from our defensive effort, but James had 5 yards up the middle on first down whenever the Ducks decided to do it, all night long. It was to our fortune that they rarely tried it.....until the final drive, when they went to it every time. I'm disappointed that we stopped stunting late in the game as well. That's much harder to read.

Special Teams



troatie - Rather than talk about the FG situation, I'm gonna harp on the punt coverage. Even forgetting the Harris TD (which is hard to do), kick coverage has scared me all season long.

1988goldenbear - We need a kicker. That being said, we were only that close because Oregon missed 2 FGs earlier. Plus, they drove all the way down the field on the final drive, so I don't want to pin the loss solely on Giorgio, but it sure would have been interesting to make them kick one to win. Kickoff and punt coverage was pretty good EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME.

sec119 - We lost the game on special teams. Giving up a punt return TD, or a 2-pt conversion, and not converting our own are all really, really bad things. But a kicker in D1 who is on scholarship and CANNOT MAKE A 29 YARD FIELD GOAL??? AFTER GETTING A FREEBIE TO PRACTICE ON THE PRIOR PLAY? Even I can do that, and there's a 50/50 chance I can actually hit that too. The Tavecchio experiment is over, it's time to call in the no. 2 and see if he can do better. He sure can't do any worse.

defsoad - They had the right idea having Anger sacrifice distance for hangtime. I'm not sure if our coaches decided to let him loose or if he booted the punt returned for a TD on his own, but it obviously turned out really bad. I don't think the FG miss by Tavecchio cost us the game in and of itself, but man it was painful watching the guy self-implode on the field (first with the penalty and then the miss), and of course it made us all think what might have been...

CalJeff - Unfortunately, this is why we lost the game....again. No excuse for a kicker to false-start himself. That's 3 lost points. And the punt return for a TD was Oregon's only other touchdown. We execute here and we win. We didn't, so we lost

yorzepol - I know people will (heck they already have,) blame Georgio and Genyk for losing this game. I disagree! Their kicker missed two field goals. Besides, even if Georgio had made his last field goal attempt, we didn't stop Oregon from getting into field goal range. Hell, they probably could have scored that last drive if they tried, we couldn't stop them. So at best, we lead by 1 going into their last drive and they drive down and score to win by 2 or 6.

jali - GIORGIOOO!!!!!!!!!

Anger did a good job for the most part of keeping the kicks higher and shorter to take away their return game. Although the punt return for a TD sucks, it's hard to blame Anger too much on that one because if he had kicked it high and short, they would have had a very short field to work with. Still sucks, but I understand what to air it out a little bit on that kick and hope we could cover. Obviously, it just didn't work out




coolingfan - Not sure if having more TOs would have helped, but without them we couldn't even challenge a close call, or stop the clock to give the defense one more chance. But otherwise the team looked fired up coming into the game and put a good fight against the No. 1 team in the nation.

KoreamBear - Great game plan. Big ups to Kaelin Clay and the scout team for helping the D prepare.

BamaBear - Tedford really had the boys ready to play but I really have expected more from Ludwig. Pendergast schemed the heck out of Oregon's offense and really bottled them up.

kidnebraska - questionable clock management with the first blown time out early in the second half, but it wouldn't have mattered.

tedford's conservative playcalling definitely beat chip kelly's ridiculous four-down fail-fest. pure hubris.

Texpatriate - Major offensive playcalling issues. We started way too many drives with hopeless passes. Brock's got mojo, but nothing in the way of accuracy or nerves.

Semi-related note: Old Blues need to start giving Gus Malzahn $180,000 per month. We need him before he goes to Colorado/ASU and creates an Oregon South.

mrjpark - I think they did a great job. The team came out on fire and really believing they could win this. I'm pretty sure they were playing with a chip on their shoulder thinking Oregon was looking ahead at Arizona. Now they REALLY have to worry about Arizona since they're a team very similar to us but with a prolific passing offense in addition to their running game. And we just gave them the blue print to beating the Ducks. Plus, they have a kicker that doesn't miss 29 yard field goals.

ANYHOW. It looks like after the beat down at Nevada, Clancy really took it personally and studied up on defending spread option offenses, because he took the Ducks high-flying offense and put it in a sleeper hold. He got his kids ready for this game and really just sent them after them like rabid dogs. In Clancy We Trust.

Brock still looks promising, it looks like he's being coached up, it looks like he's just not there yet. But that said, I'm happy the coaches didn't take it TOO easy on him and let him pass the ball down the field. I think he would've done much better had the receivers caught the balls, but the coaches did a great job on him and I see the improvement from last week to this week.

JerseyBear - Chip Kelly is a douche.

Oskiwow1 - The main thing the team lacks is a quarterback and a receiving corps that is well coached.
It seems the head coach is not capable of managing the whole program without neglecting key facets of it. For example, it has been years since a good field goal kicker has graced
the special teams. It has been years since a good quarter back has been groomed to
pilot the offense

SDBear - I am tired of Andy Ludwig and his gameplans/play calling. On that critical 3rd & 2 play in the redzone Ludwig called another slow developing run play that promptly lost two yards!

I did like the trickeration with Jones. Why not call some more end arounds to Ross or KA to get them involved?

A bootleg with a run/pass option for Mansion wouldn't be so bad, especially down around the goal line.

If Marshall, Daft, and Ludwig all left tomorrow I doubt we would see any real drop off.

Clancy was the hero of the staff tonight. Clancy showed that he could in fact design a defensive game plan to defend a spread offense.

AceDaddy - Ludwig was less predictable with offense but still overall they suck. Defense was amazing and Pendergast needs to be recognized. Tedford is still way too conservative. Not going for it on 4th and 1 near mid-field against the best offense in the country? WTF? Always running on 1st and 2nd down when backed up near end zone... Just not happy with the conservatism.

ososdeoro - It was quite curious. Obviously the preparation was outstanding on the defensive side, as was the execution. On offense, we started running some plays with a lot of backfield motion that seemed to be QB-readish type plays....and they seemed to work. But then that went away as we reverted to the basic. And when we went down 8, Ludwig panicked and went all pass, which was clearly contra-indicated by Mansion and his band of Keystone Kops.

jali - Pendergast deserves all the credit in the world. His defense shut down the best offense in the country and possibly the best offense in years. If you think about it, the defense only allowed 1 TD (and it was on a short field) and they scored a TD. Absolutely amazing.

Offensively, we seemed to have just enough variety to keep the ball for a decent amount of the time. Nothing spectacular, but decent. 2 play calls/decisions bothered me.
First, we had an early 4th down near midfield after we were already up 7-0. Considering the effectiveness of our run game at that point, I would have liked going for it. Admittedly, I understand wanting to avoid giving them a short field.
Second, on the 2 point conversion, once again I think we should have either run the ball or play actioned off it instead of just running a 1 on 1 play for Marvin

Overall Performance



TennesseeQuackAttack - Cal played one hell of a game defensively and put a huge scare into the nation's top team. I was very disappointed in the apparent faking of injuries by Cal. However, the excellent defensive performance is to be commended.

kidnebraska - the bears showed nothing but heart for a team that was written off by everyone from the opening kick. the defense kept the "unstoppable" ducks offense to a single td.

chip kelly is a pompous asshole. the players should put a picture of his smarmy-ass face up in the locker room to motivate the guys for next year.

gives me hope of keeping the axe this year. go bears

TrumanHugh - I am very proud of my Golden Bears! Nobody gave them a shot in hell to even keep up, let alone almost pull off the upset. We seemed prepared and ready to play for the entire 60 minutes.

I am disappointed we didn't win, but I feel MUCH more confident that we will beat the 'furd next Saturday. They struggled with the same Arizona State team we easily subdued, and if we go into The BIg Game half as prepared as we were tonight, we will still win the game and keep the Axe!!

mrjpark - Much better than expected, but around what I was hoping for. A lot of the young players stepped up today, so I don't fear our future as much as I was before. Also, a great game for the defense to step up because I'm sure a lot of top recruits were watching. I'm thinking Barr's pretty much a lock after seeing the aggressive unit that he'd be let loose in, and I remember another one was taking an unofficial visit today to watch the game. I think even with the loss, we come out with positive effects. And no, I do not believe in moral victories. That said, maybe a nationally touted kicker will see us and see that he'd get instant playing time and commit to us. PLEASE?!

VandyImport - Frustrating as hell. Largely because we were a stutter-step away from knocking off the #1 team in the country (and earning the eternal affection of Auburn-ites who don't get to start gaming Boise now) but also because you saw things last night that show how much better this team could have been all year. And the frustrating thing is that it's impossible to tell how much will carry over to next year, what with the stadium change and conference realignment and what have you. I'd be happy for this to be a building experience so long as I knew they were going to finish the building...