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Golden Nuggets: Special Teams Cost Cal the Upset Against #1 Oregon

Once again, Cal put the 'special' in special teams.  For the second time this year special teams took away a win that the defense singlehandedly earned.  As frustrating as Tavecchio's miss was, the punt coverage unit's error was more costly (though few media outlets point to that TD as the reason Cal lost).  It's disappointing and Tedford and his players were clearly disappointed after the game.

Though displeased with the outcome, Tedford was very proud of the defense.

On Cal's defense:
"(The defense) played their hearts out. There is no question about it. To give up one touchdown against that offense; they played great. The defensive coaches had a great plan; the kids executed it. All week long they sold out in the preparation. The belief and intensity going into the game was awesome. It is a shame, it's a shame. I feel sick for the kids.
On Oregon's speed:
"We prepared for it; our scout team did a lot. The organization and speed that we practiced with this week made our guys were ready for it. The tempo of what they do, and the speed, and the way they spread the field is obviously a challenge; but I thought our guys matched the challenge. We had two corners go down, Marc Anthony and Darian Hagan in the first half; so we couldn't sub there. I thought the guys did a great job. They worked really well all week practicing at a fast pace. The conditioning showed today, I don't think they were gassed at all. I can't say enough about the defensive performance to hold that offense to seven points."

Vereen was upset that he and the offense couldn't take advantage of one of the best defensive performances in the Tedford era.

On the defense: 

"This is really frustrating because we wanted to have their back, just like they've always had our back game in and game out this season. We were unable to put points on the board, and that's frustrating and disheartening. If we just could have put a couple more points on the board, who knows what would have happened." 

After the jump Conte says Pac-10 teams should take notes on Cal's blueprint of how to stop Oregon, Tavecchio talks about the field goal, and women's basketball tips the season off with a solid win.