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Golden Nuggets: Cal-UCLA Predictions

Uncle Ted believes the Bears will be better prepared against the pistol in this weekend's duel.

California 30, UCLA 24: Cal is tough at home and it should have a far better understanding of the pistol offense after the hard lesson it learned at Nevada. 

Three out of four writers at Rivals predict a Cal victory (although 61% of their readers think UCLA will win).

Four out of five CBS writers expect Cal to win.

Attendance prediction:  UCLA usually brings a good turnout of fans.  The models predict between 68.5k and 72k.  Attendance has been quite low this season, so I'll take the lowest estimate: 68,558.43.

After the jump everyone Galas replaces Guarnero at first-team center during practice, UCLA media outlets talk about this weekend's matchup, Kevin Prince returns to practice while Nelson Rosario sits on the sidelines, and Keenan Allen says he's finally 100%.