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Eating the Enemy: UCLA and Nebraska/K-State Open Thread



Bill Ridgely's Framboise (partial mash recipe for 5 gallons)


3.3 lbs   American Classic Light liquid extract
2.0 lbs   Pale dry extract
1.0 lb    Pale ale malt
0.5 lb    Munich malt
0.5 lb    80L crystal
0.5 lb    Wheat malt
0.5 lb    dextrin malt

1.0 oz    Hallertau (4.2%) boiled for 60 minutes
1.0 oz    Saaz (3.2%) boild for 45 minutes

6.0 lbs   Tart red raspberries

Fermented with Wyeast Belgian yeast

OG: 1.062
FG: 1.015
Used step mash for grains--120 degrees for 30 minutes (protein rest), 150 degrees for 60 minutes (saccrification rest). Gypsum was added to adjust the mash pH. Total boil time 1.5 hours. Raspberries were crushed and added to the brewpot at the end of the boil, then steeped for 15 minutes before wort chilling. The raspberries were left in the primary for 7 days, then strained during transfer of wort to the secondary. Total fermentation time: 24 days. Fermentation temperature: 62F.



Because Oski knows just thinking about the Bruins will cause anyone to start drinking heavily. Use this as your open thread for tonight's Nebraska/Kansas State game. Go Cornhuskers!