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Nathan Broussard, Defensive End/Linebacker From Plano West, Verbals To Cal



The promising defensive class continues to build up with a big commit from the heart of Texas.

Plano West head football coach Mike Hughes confirmed that senior Nathan Broussard verbally committed to California over the weekend.

Broussard was already a Division I prospect as a linebacker last season but upped his profile even further this year with his shift to defensive end and the Wolves early-season defensive resurgence.

According to Rivals ($), he will play the hybrid "predator" position (where Mychal Kendricks is right now) when he gets to Cal. Congrats are in order to Kenwick Thompson, who was Broussard's primary recruiter.

Here's the evaluation from ESPN.

Broussard is a well schooled linebacker with good downhill run stopping ability. Has the size for the inside linebacker position at the major level of competition. Appears to be flexible with good balance and agility; is rarely out of position while displaying the ability to play in space.

Here's his junior video from what looks like his YouTube channel.

Nathan Broussard 2009 Highlights 1 of 2 (via TheNathanbroussard22)

Nathan Broussard 2009 Highlights 2 of 2 (via TheNathanbroussard22)
Also, sophomore video!

Nathan Broussard 2008 Highlights (via TheNathanbroussard22)

Rivals has paid video too.

Here's some fun tidbits about his training routine, courtesy of the Dallas News.

Daily summer routine: Broussard wakes up at 7:45 a.m. Monday through Thursday for Plano West’s summer workouts. After eating a small meal of toast and water he leaves for West where he works out with his team from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The workout is followed by a short nap before he trains more with a friend, working on strength and conditioning.

Summer fun: Broussard goes to Gold’s Gym with a teammate every weekend to lift and stay in shape. His weekends are used for having some summer fun with his friends but not before he gets some lifting in. Broussard admits his summers are much different than the average senior-to-be in high school.

"It can be challenging, because I can’t do everything as much as I want to,” Broussard said of his summers. “I have to worry about injury and not breaking any bones or tearing anything.”

Welcome to Cal Nathan! GO BEARS!

Thanks to Ryan Gorcey of Bear Territory with the tip.