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CGB Top 25 - Week 6

Big wins for Alabama and Oregon last Saturday, as the Crimson Tide solidifies its hold on #1 and the Ducks leapfrog Boise State and Ohio State into the #2 spot.

Welcome to the poll, Oklahoma State, Air Force, and Northwestern.  I'll bet all three are gone by November.  More justifications after the jump:

·    Do the teams at 6-10 deserve to be in the top 10? Not really.  I wish I could bump them all 5-10 spots, but then I’d have no one to use to fill those voids.
·    Despite Oklahoma’s wins over Texas and Florida State, they haven’t been very impressive in most games (except against FSU).  They’re look a lot like Iowa last year—high rank because they managed to scrape by with narrow wins each week. The Sooners are due for an upset.
·    I have no words to describe how much grief it gives me that Auburn is in the top-10.  I just can’t find a reason not to put them there…(or to put someone else in the top-10)
·    I wish I could drop Stanford outside the top-15, but I have no one else to put there.
·    Michigan absolutely should not be in the top-15, but there they are.  The only reason that team gets any consideration from me is because Denard Robinson is an absolute beast.  If he keeps this up, there is no reason for him not to win the Heisman.
·    At 17th, Nevada has basically hit the ceiling until it gets a chance to notch a solid win (Boise State).
·    I’d rank Miami higher than 21st if Jacory Harris would stop trying to break the NCAA interception record.
·    At least this is better than Jon Wilner’s ballot.  He's just trolling, right?

-Oregon jumps Ohio St. on the strength of a better 'best win' and by beating their bad opponents more decisively.  The Buckeyes won't really play an impressive opponent until November, so the Ducks will have an iron grip on the #2 slot for a few months as long as the continue winning.
-I just can't see TCU or Boise St. jumping over an undefeated Pac-10, SEC, Big 12 or Big 10 team this year.  They just aren't going to get enough mileage out of wins over Oregon St. and Virginia Tech.  They need to root for some serious carnage in the major conferences. 
-LSU has one of the best collections of wins earned in as unimpressive a manner as possible.  I'm betting Florida exposes them next week.
-As usual, the last 5 teams in my poll (Air Force, Miami, Florida St., Oklahoma St., and Northwestern) are kinda lame and haven't really done anything to deserve a spot.  I literally flipped a coin to decide between Northwestern and Missouri for the final spot.  I would listen to arguments in favor of dropping any of those teams from my ballot. . . but I just don't see any viable candidates.  Everybody else has two losses or an even worse resume.

Yellow Fever:  Biggest jump of the week is Michigan State, but I feel like with their undefeated record so far and impressive win over Wisconsin (without their head coach, no less), they certainly seem to be worthy of a top ten spot. Though that's in part due to the fact that not too many teams look like they are worthy of top ten spots - I almost even left the Furd in the top ten on the basis that their game against Oregon was so close for much of the game, and the fact that so many other teams on the cusp of the top ten looked so unimpressive. I mean, come on, LSU? Anyone who outs them near the top ten is kidding themselves.

Of course, that won't stop a bunch of SEC homers declaring how this was good old-fashioned, smash-mouth SEC football at its best.

Oregon looked good enough to jump Boise and Ohio State in my mind once we saw how anemic THE Ohio State University offense is without Terrelle Pryor, and I didn't feel great about moving Arizona to 8, but I really couldn't come up with any other worthy team.

Finally, I have no idea what to do with Michigan. They look good enough to score a lot of points on anyone, but their defense is bad enough to let anyone score on them too. But until they lose, I guess they'll just keep marching up the rankings slowly.