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Golden Nuggets: Tedford Anticipates Changes at the O-line Position After Another Embarrassing Loss

Update: Cal is a 15-point favorite over Washington State.

Another Oregon State game, another career-ending injury to one of the nicest guys on the team.  After another miserable performance from the O-line, Tedford says changes may be coming this week.

"I'm very concerned," Tedford said of the play up front on both sides of the ball. "We didn't pass protect very well, so that's concerning. We need to improve. We have to get better, so that's what this week's focus is going to be. We have one more opportunity to go on the road and we need to have a great week and get prepared to go play. We have to get better in certain areas. We have to put more pressure on the passer and we have to protect ours better."
"We may shake things up, we definitely may," Tedford said of the offensive line personnel going forward. "We're going to watch it on tape and find out what the issues are. Sometimes it's the tight ends. We got beat a couple times with the tight end protection-we tried to keep some protection where the tight ends stayed in to protect as well and to help us out and the tight end got beat twice on some big sacks, that I can remember. We have to improve."

Starting center Chris Guarnero was abused several times by a Beavers defensive line that didn't do anything different from what the Bears had seen on film.
"It was nothing we haven't seen before," Guarnero said. "We just didn't execute today, is what it comes down to. We have to block and protect the quarterback and make holes and solid blocks for the running game."

After the jump Riley gets an MRI tomorrow, Cal's road woes remain a mystery to coaches and players, and water polo and volleyball continue their winning ways.



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