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Golden Nuggets: Cal-Oregon State Score Predictions

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The winner of this week's matchup will likely finish in the top half of the conference while the loser will be fortunate to finish at 5-4.  A win would be a momentum-builder as each of these teams heads into the toughest portion the schedule.

Ted Miller (an impressive 38-12 on the season) picks a narrow Beaver victory.  If he knew Good Cal would show up, he might change his mind...

Oregon State 30, California 27: If the Cal team that whipped Arizona State last weekend shows up, the Beavers are in trouble. But because the Bears haven't produced that team on a regular basis, we're tapping the Beavers. 

All four Yahoo writers and 87% of their readers pick the Beavers to win.

After the jump Cal Athletics expects to receive about 50% more revenue after all the Pac-12 dust is settled, Quizz talks about having a breakout game, Glenn Dickey calls out critics of Cal's coaches, and basketball holds its open practice.

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