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Golden Nuggets: Mike Riley and the Oregon State Beavers Prepare for the Cal Defense

The usual Cal sources don't have today's media luncheon transcripts, but thankfully we have spies who know what Oregon State coach Mike Riley said at his press conference today.  He's preparing for good Cal and he's preparing for a defensive struggle.

Opening Statement ...
"It's good to get back into the game week. We practiced last week and I think it was a beneficial time for our team. It's a little more comfortable as far as not having a game right on us, and we had a chance to get some guys a little bit healthier. When we came back Sunday night, everybody was feeling better. Markus Wheaton ran in practice and Alex Linnenkohl and Grant Johnson were still a bit slow but maybe by today they'll be better. Now we're getting ready for another tough Pac-10 game. Cal obviously had a great win last week against Arizona State. They looked good in all phases of the game; special teams were dominant - they blocked a punt. Offensively they moved the ball and defensively they were all over them and we know Arizona State well because we already played them so they beat a very good team convincingly. We have our hands full in another typical Pac-10 conference game."

On Oregon State's offense versus California's defense ...
"It's another tough matchup for us up front. Our guys are going to have to play very physical, and they're going to have to be very sharp. Cal runs out of a three-man front scheme, but they'll have all different sorts of blitzes coming off that. They've really been disruptive to people. As good of an offense as Arizona is, they were very disruptive to them. That's a game I've paid attention to because I have a lot of respect for what Arizona does offensively, and they had a hard time moving the ball consistently. It's going to be a big challenge for our offensive front and our tight ends, and it's going to be very important that we get the running game going and give us a chance to settle them down a little bit so that we can protect and throw the football. That's normally our storyline, but it's a focal match-up this week."

After the jump Tedford headbutts Jarred Price (wait, what?), Cal is projected to play in the Sun Bowl, Oregon State prepares for Cal, and the final basketball television schedule is released.