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Jalen Jefferson, Linebacker From Saint Bonaventure, Commits To Golden Bears

solarise reported that Jefferson was visiting this past weekend after visiting Washington. Apparently he saw all he needed to commit. Jim McGill of Bear Insider with the report.

"It was real rainy, but the game was really cool. They have this ritual where they do this drumbeat when they walk in the locker room and that got me really pumped up."

Jefferson's rapport with the Cal staff made a big impression on the speedy outside linebacker.

"I like all the coaches," said Jefferson. "They act just like us. They're really down-to-earth. I just feel like I can really be myself there and look forward to playing there. 

"The education really sold me, too. It's the best around. And I like the way they practice in the morning to give enough time to focus on academics and get to sleep on time. That helps a lot."

He's ranked as the 34th best OLB by Scout, the 36th best OLB by ESPN, and the 60th best national athlete and the 63rd best state recruit by Rivals.

Jefferson is slated to play outside linebacker in college and had offers from the Arizona and Washington schools along with Boise State. Credit goes to Kenwick Thompson, who appears to have been his primary recruiter. This is his second big verbal in the past month along with Nathan Broussard. UPDATE: Apparently Steve Marshall is his primary recruiter. We've been hard on him lately, but kudos to Marshall for closing the deal.

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Check out Jefferson's junior tape. His sophomore tape requires a Rivals subscription.


Welcome to Cal, Jalen! GO BEARS!