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Golden Nuggets: USC Week Media Luncheon

It's that time of week again: Tuesday Media Luncheon!  Tedford was joined this week by Kevin Riley and Mychal Kendricks.

Tedford talked about his friendship with Kiffin that goes back to Kiffin's playing days at Fresno State.

On whether he foresaw Lane Kiffin's future as a coach when Kiffin played for him at Fresno State
"Yeah, I knew he was going to be a coach. He had obviously grown up with his dad [Monte], and being in the coaching profession or around it all of his life, he was always very interested in the coaching part of it, schematics and so on and so forth. I recruited him and brought him [to Fresno State] and then his senior year, it was evident he wasn't going to play, so [I said], `Why don't you start as a GA right now?' Because he knew he was to coach. So he did. He spent long hours, even as a student he spent long hours in my office with me, at night, watching tape, and would always give suggestions and things like that. I've followed Lane for a long time. Lane's a friend and obviously one who I have a deeper relationship with because of him playing for me."

Not surprisingly, Riley talked mostly about improving the passing game this week.

On how to improve the passing game
"Just got to out there and make plays. Like I said before and after watching the film, definitely missed some throws, but also UCLA did some good things. They didn't really let us get any shots on them. We didn't take any shots. We ran the ball the whole game, ran well. When we get an opportunity, we're going to have plenty of opportunities this week, we've got to make plays. We're definitely going to have to to win this week."

On the balance between a pounding ground game and utilizing outside threats at receiver
"As I said after the game, it's one of those things when you're running to ball so successfully and they're not stopping you, why are you going to stop? I know from my standpoint I never really got into a rhythm at all. We're running the ball nine times in a row and then we throw once and it'll be a 3rd down and then you don't convert. You get your timing off and your confidence down, but when you're running successfully, you're winning games. When you're winning 35-7, that's nothing to be upset about. This week we're playing a better opponent and I don't think we're going to be able to run the ball 50 times. We're going to have to make some plays in the passing game. SC does a good job of packing the box too." 

After the jump USC opens as a field goal favorite over Cal, Anger and Hagan win Pac-10 Player of the Week honors, Cattouse plans to see more playing time, and ESPN predicts a Cal-Utah rematch this bowl season.