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Golden Nuggets: UCLA's Pistol Fires Blanks Against the Cal Defense

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Tedford and Pendergast were obviously pleased with the defense after the game.  The offense, however, was another story.  

"The last six years I've been a defensive coordinator, we've always gone back and worked on the fundamentals within the defense during a bye week," said defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast. "We did that last week. We worked on gap-integrity, getting off blocks at every level of the defense and a lot of technique-type work. That night against Nevada, we didn't play with a lot of discipline. We didn't play with good gap integrity, and that was something that I felt like, during the bye week, it was more about us, not about who we played, who we're going to play, so we really focused on improving as a defense. We made some strides just in terms of doing those things better."
"Reading your keys, trust, accountability; we meet as a whole defense, a lot, and we put peer pressure on guys and say, 'Look, this is your gap and you're not in it,' and we've got 30 guys sitting in the room there, and 29 of them can see that there's 10 out of the 11 on the field doing it right," Pendergast said of how he prepares the defense. "The peer pressure of those guys, having to be in the right spots and being accountable, is how you get it done."

When asked about the passing game, Tedford was surprisingly blunt:

"(Riley) needs to improve, and we need to improve as a pass offense," Tedford said. "We made some decisions that we need to get better with. He needs to throw the ball away when he can throw it away. He needs to complete balls. He didn't throw any interceptions, though, so he's smart with the football, and I would prefer that. But we need to improve in the passing game. We need to protect the passer a little bit better and we need to make sure that we're making good decisions and completing balls to guys who are open."
"The defense just kept answering," Tedford said. "But, I was not pleased, at all, with the offense's production in the second half, and some of the things on special teams: a roughing-the-punter penalty, a fumbled punt return inside the five-yard line-those are just things you can't have happen, because they're going to come back to haunt you. The offensive play has to get better. The defense cannot be on the field for that long."

After the jump Cal rises in the Sagarin ratings, players and coaches from both sides talk about the game, several recruits attend the Cal-UCLA game, and the rest of Cal sports enjoys a successful weekend.