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Desean Jackson Wildcard Open Thread: Eagles at Cowboys

Desean Jackson had three opportunities to break for daylight against the Cowboys, one for a sure TD. McNabb missed him by miles all three times. Sheesh. Can't this guy get one accurate quarterback in his lifetime?

Yahoo Sports filled up with a nice story with Desean's dad.

Bill Jackson was so open, so over the top with whatever was on his mind that the most memorable stories about him are when he was caught without a response. Such as the time when Southern California coach Pete Carroll came to the Jackson home to recruit DeSean.

"My dad was completely behind DeSean going to Cal," said Byron Jackson, 41, one of DeSean’s four brothers. "But Coach Carroll was very convincing. When he left, we all looked at my dad, waiting to hear what he was going to say about how Cal was still the better place for DeSean. He sat there and said, ‘The man said what he had to say. I can’t argue with it.’ We all just burst out laughing. My dad with nothing say? That didn’t happen much."

Rematch with the Cowboys at Dallas tonight! Can Desean hit the R1 button? Discuss the game here.