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Golden Nuggets: 20 Questions with Theo Robertson

Note: To discuss the Cal-UCLA women's basketball game, scroll down to the open thread below or click here.

This week's participant in Faraudo's 20 questions is Theo Robertson.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: The scariest thing I’ve ever done, a couple summers ago, one of my friends has a plane, I was actually sitting in the cockpit with him and he gave me control of the plane for a couple minutes. I think I did all right.

Besides Cal, the Pac-10 school with the best basketball fans: I’ll go with either Oregon or Arizona.

The worst: Oregon State.

The sport you refuse to watch: I refuse to watch baseball on telesion, however I enjoy it a lot in person. It’s more about the atmosphere in person.

The actor who plays you in the movie version of your life: I don’t know who would play me, but I definitely would want Samuel L. Jackson involved in it somehow.

Actress who plays the lead opposite you: Paula Patton.

Three people in history you’d like to have dinner with: Michael Jordan, President Obama and Muhammad Ali.

The smartest guy on the Cal team: Myself.

The funniest: Bak.

After the jump JO gives his grade for the O-line, Best makes an appearance on Kiper's Big Board, and Randle gives some useful information in today's livechat.

Cal Football

Cal Basketball
  • Today's livechat with Randle revealed some interesting information: first, he was battling a stomach virus and probably shouldn't have played, but he battled through it anyway.  He was still feeling the effects of it last night, but it sounds like he should be better in time for tomorrow's tip-off.  He said fans at Haas make things too easy on opponents by not booing them.  He gave an update on Jorge and admitted he thinks he won't be back for a couple weeks.