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Golden Nuggets: King Tyson

Registering a fumble recovery, sack, and forced fumble (Tebow's fumble was among the most replayed clips from the game), Tyson Alualu was very impressive in yesterday's Senior Bowl.  After his impressive week and game, he may have moved himself into a first-day pick.

Alualu may have increased his stock. Several times during the telecast, NFL Network's draft guru Mike Mayock mentioned big-motored defensive end as a player he'd want on his team. Cory Chavous, working the sidelines for NFL Network, cornered the North Team's head coach, Jim Schwartz, who is the head coach of the Detroit Lions, and asked him about Alualu.

"Well, you know, he's multi-dimensional, he could play tackle, he can play end," said Schwartz before interrupting himself to talk about a fumble the North Team had just recovered for a touchdown. "Well anyway, number one, he is a hard-working kid. He's tough. He had probably the best work week of anybody we have. Great motor, great kid, played inside and outside. I think he really helped himself this week down here at the Senior Bowl."

Throughout the week, reports continued to talk of the 'terror' that Alualu was causing against offensive linemen on the practice field, and Saturday he showed he could translate that terror to the playing field. Besides providing pressure on nearly every play he was on the field, he created some havoc with a sack, a fumble forced, and a fumble recovered.

After the jump, men's and women's bball barely lose a pair of tough games against the Arizonas.  Tomorrow I'll recap the rest of the weekend in Cal sports.

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