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Q+A with Arizona Desert Swarm

Hey!  We beat ASU.  Yay.  Go Bears!  But can Cal beat Arizona?  They're only, like really good.  But that analysis was terrible.  Let's read some analysis from somebody who actually knows something about Arizona basketball.  Arizona Desert Swarm, our SBN siblings.  Fun times.  Check it behind the fold and GO BEARS!

1.  What happened against ASU there???????

Incredible 3 point shooting, and great defense.  ASU didn't score for something like 1000 minutes in the second half.  I believe they were actually 1-18 at one point in the 2nd.

2.  Sean he resurrecting the Arizona legacy? What are his strengths and weaknesses as a coach?

Sean Miller is a work in progress, as is the program at the moment.  Fans in Tucson expect great things after being spoiled by Lute for so long.  From The Streak, to 1997, to the ridiculous amount  of All-Americans and NBA players, the standards are very high at Arizona.  I think his strengths are his fundamental approach to point guard play, and sound defense.  Most years (this year excluded, obviously), the Pac 10 is stacked with explosive offensive teams.  Any sustained success will have to include good team defense.  I think it is still too early in his Arizona career to assess his weaknesses, but I only hope that Miller and his program can continue the recruiting success Arizona had under Lute.

3. Basketball-wise, who would you like to punch in the face right now?

I would like to punch Brandon Jennings in the face. And Clay Bennett as well, for unrelated reasons.

4.  On a scale of extremely upset to lacking any conceivable reason for getting up in the morning, how disappointed are you that Arizona did not hire Tim Floyd?

I am Eleventy percent upset we did not hire Tim Floyd.  But, hopefully ASU will right our wrong and hire Floyd to a lifetime contract.

5.  Who is the #1 most dangerous guy on offense that Cal fans should be crying about?

Cal should be worried about Derrick Williams. The freshman is averaging 15/7, and is really starting to come into his own as a player.