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Q+A with House Of Sparky

Hey!  Cal-ASU!  Tonight!  Let's learn more!  Q+A with our ASU brethren House Of Sparky.  GO BEARS!

1.  How good is your matchup zone defense? Are there any weaknesses that Cal can exploit? What are its main strengths?

It's pretty awesome. While we are holding opponents to some ridiculously low scoring totals in 2009-2010, we haven't been exposed by too many teams due to the lack of size in the Pac-10. Look at Arizona. They broke down the zone by feeding the ball inside and attacking our lack of height. Eric Boateng is not a good defender, and Rihards Kuksiks at 6'6" can't stop a big from taking it to the dish.

If Cal can get the ball to their big men and actually get some production, ASU will be hard-pressed to stop your talented guardplay on the perimeter. That's how we survive - stopping the guards. Condense the zone, you've won the game.

2.  Who's your go-to guy now that Harden and Pendergraph have gone onto the NBA?

It's a nightly battle between Ty Abbott and Rihards Kuksiks. They both seem to step it up when the other is having a down game, and during our 4 game winning streak Abbott was dropping 16+ a game. Kuksiks has a very hot/cold temperament, and one night he can shoot 8-11 from long distance. The next, he only puts up 2 or 3 shots. Essentially, without those two experienced guys, this team would struggle to score (look at the box score from our loss to USC, 37 total points).

3.  ASU loses a lottery pick and a second round pick from last year's team...and is almost better this year.  How?

We're not better. The team has learned to rely on itself, rather than on one man. James Harden was expected to take EVERY big shot in every big situation, and everyone in the gym knew it, especially the opposition. So instead of making sure our superstar takes the last shot, we now have a plethora of young options who are all trying to assert themselves as quality Pac-10 players. It has created a healthy environment in a down year in the Pac-10.

4.  What happened against Arizona there?

Tragedy. Lack of hustle, emotion. Arizona is pretty athletic - I think they're consistently one of the best teams in the Pac-10. They will be great come 2010-2011, and I am disheartened that even in these dark times for the Wildcats, they can still thump us on our home court. Hopefully the Sun Devils can pull it together (and maybe play some defense in the paint).

5.  As an ASU graduate, which pornographic film(s) have you appeared in?

I was especially fond of my role in "Magna Cum Loud," which involved a cap and gown and various sundries. In reality, there's a lot of nice looking girls in the Valley of the Sun Devils, but status is often times too sought after. Just take a look at Old Town Scottsdale if you need any verification on that.

It's a nice place to live, we just need less emphasis on the partying and more emphasis on school spirit, especially when it comes to sports. Crowds have been pretty ugly in football season, and it's not too much better for basketball.