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Cal Women's Hoops at #2 Stanfurd Open Thread

Time: Noon PST/3 PM EST
FSN HD (in some markets)/CSN Bay Area
Audio: KALX 90.7 FM or online stream through

Cal just beat San Diego to move to 6-5. Here's what Joanne Boyle has to say about how they can make the Cardinal work in this one.

"You can't move ahead with so many freshmen. It's not like we could start preparing for Stanford a week ago. You look at everybody on that team and say, 'What can you do against them?' Connecticut is the only team that's been successful playing them, and a lot of that was limiting their offensive rebounding."

So what does Boyle think the Bears might have in their arsenal to at least make Stanford work?

"We're athletic, but that doesn't mean we can take away the things we want to take away," Boyle said. "But we sure as heck can't sit in the quarter-court and let them just run their stuff. We've got to try to make them feel uncomfortable. You've got to get them out of a rhythm if you can. Change things up."

Hopefully we can give them a good fight, although Jayne Appel is pretty unstoppable down there. Discuss the game.