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Bowl Game Blowout! Open Thread Part I for 1/2/10

International Bowl

1/2/10 at 12:00 PM EST
Toronto, Ontario


Initial Thoughts: From Florida/Cincinnati to USF/NIU. Yeesh.
Most Awesome Player: George Selvie, USF DE (38 tackles, 3 sacks...not his best year)
Most Awesome SponsorAccelton.  I guess they're some kind of consulting firm, which proves that it isn't just marketing firms that have stupid names.

The Line: South Florida -7
Over/Under: 49.5
Chad Millman's blog says: The public is all over South Florida. The first number on this game was four and it immediately got steamed and then the sharp money laid six, too. I still think the value is on Northern. I had this as a four-point game for South Florida so you're getting three points of value on the Northern side.
Accuscore says: South Florida 28.0, Northern Illinois 24.5
ESPN says: South Florida 31, Northern Illinois 13
Who you should be rooting for: South Florida? You should probably be rooting for your hangover to go away. Bowl Bowl Embroidered Patch
1/2/10 at 2:00 PM
Birmingham, Alabama


Initial Thoughts: Was it really necessary for this to be the Bowl as opposed to the bowl? Does Domino's advertise during the Super Bowl? What is going on here?
Most Awesome Player: Stephen Garcia, South Carolina QB (223/394 for 2,733 yards, 17 touchdowns, 9 interceptions)
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The Line: South Carolina -4
Over/Under: 51.5
Chad Millman's blog says: Think about this game the way you would handicap a horse race: If a horse hasn't won a race in his last five trips but you look at the company he ran with and it has a lot of class, you give him the benefit of the doubt.  We opened this game six and it got bet down to 4.5 and a lot of people think South Carolina, but when all the marbles are on one game and you don't have to worry about next week or last week I think South Carolina is the better defense and that is how we made them favorite.
Accuscore says: South Carolina 27.1, Connecticut 23.5
ESPN says: South Carolina 27, Connecticut 24
Who you should be rooting for: Everybody on the Big East bandwagon! Because it's awfully empty on here.


AT&T Cotton Bowl

AT&T Cotton Bowl Logo
Oklahoma State (9-3) vs. Ole Miss (8-4)
1/2/10 at 2:00 PM
Arlington, Texas


Initial Thoughts: I mean, I know it's the Cotton Bowl and all, but Oklahoma State vs. Mississippi seems like a relatively insignificant matchup for the first Cotton Bowl at the new Texas Stadium.
Most Awesome Player: Let's see...Dez Bryant is out...Jevan Snead faceplanted...either Zac Robinson or Kendall Hunter? No wait, Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss RB/WR (147 rushes for 985 yards and 6 touchdowns; 44 receptions for 625 yards and 1 touchdown)
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The Line: Ole Miss -3
Over/Under: 50.5
Chad Millman's blog says: So a point at least is partially because, based on talent, it's an SEC team going against a Big 12 team. And as far as public perception, points are added because the public will bet the stronger conference. Money on the sides is split right now and most of the public likes the over.
Accuscore says: Ole Miss 25.4, Oklahoma State 22.8
ESPN says: Ole Miss 23, Oklahoma State 21
Who you should be rooting for: I'm not sure what series of events would have to transpire for me to root for a SEC team. But what I do know is that situation is not one of them.